The Best Banoffee Pie EVER!!




Introduction: The Best Banoffee Pie EVER!!

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My wife makes the best banoffee pie in the known universe (not that I'm biased or anything) ;-) Here is the recipe

Apart from melting some butter and golden syrup there is no cooking required in this recipe

Step 1: Ingredients

Ginger nut biscuits 9oz/250g (about a pack and a half)
Butter 4.5 oz/125g
Golden Syrup 1.5 tablespoons
Caramel or condensed milk 1 tin 13oz/380g
Bananas 2-3 depending on size
Cream 10oz/300ml
Grated dark chocolate

Step 2: Crush the Ginger Nuts (sounds Painful)

I put the ginger nut biscuits in a bag (I use a reusable shopping bag) and crushed them using a hammer.
You want them broken up but not completely powdered, about 2-5mm chunks

Step 3: Grease the Pan

I greased a 10 inch flan dish with butter

Step 4: Melt the Butter and Golden Syrup

Melted in a dish over a pan of boiling water until a smooth liquid

Step 5: Glueing the Biscuits Back Together

Add the biscuit crumbs into the butter/syrup mix and stir thoroughly

Step 6: Spread in Pan

Spread the mix in the pan pushing hard up against the edges to make a shallow case.

Press it all down at the bottom so the base is nice and firm

Put in the fridge for 20 minutes or so to firm up

Step 7: Add the Caramel

Now you could take your life in your own hands and boil a tin of condensed milk for 2 hours then open the pressurised tin showering yourself (and the curtains/walls/ceilings)with napalm like red hot caramel (that's what we used to have to do in the UK) but here in sunny NZ we can get tins of ready made caramel, it's a no-brainer really

Spread the caramel over the base!!! Go to the nearest emergency room/casualty department for 3rd degree caramel burns

Step 8: Go Bananas

Slice the bananas (about 5-10 mm thick and place on top (nice and neat like in the picture)

Step 9: Add Whipped Cream

Don't overwhip the cream as it will go buttery

Make sure that you completely cover the bananas otherwise they will go brown and nobody wants that!

I suppose if you are a complete heathen you could use canned whipped cream spray ---- DON'T GO THERE!!!!

It will not be stable enough and will collapse looking horrible, real cream please we are not at home to Mr Diet today


Step 10: Choc Time

Grate chocolate over the top, I like to use a decent quality 70% cocoa (Cadburys Old Gold)


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    3 years ago

    Ohhhhh wow, that looks sinfully good :D


    Reply 3 years ago

    It is, and so easy to make. The original had digestive biscuits as a base but we found that ginger nuts gave a much better kick