Introduction: The BoBoBoT 5MP 1080 HD SECURITY Camera Raspberry Pi Security Robot

5 Mega Pixel 1080 HD Camera Module with Night Vision NOIR

Motion Capture Technology

Motion Capture Email Alerts

Live Web Feed watch from your smart phone


Raspberry Pi GPIO pins




5v DC Lithium Ion Battery Powered

5v DC USB Powered

Ability to be controlled Headless via SSH or a VNC GUI application, from anywhere in the world!

Enough room for sensors to be added inside

BoBoBoT is currently running the MotionPie operating system version: 20150719 ( )

Step 1: The BoBoBoT

You can get your BoBoBoT enclosure at 5 below. You can get the Lithium Ion Battery Pack at 5 below. I found my Raspberry Pi on Craigslist. ? it was being used as an XMBC Media Center. I flashed the MotionPie operating system Image onto the sd card. I'll explain in more detail how to do that in Windows very easly.

MotionPie is Great! It is literally a stand alone Security Camera Motion Sensitive Operating System + DVR + Email Alerts + Live Web Feed! All in one. Stable. And unbelievably Customizable. There is even a Fast Network Camera Mode: where the Camera literally streams a high frame rate, live HD feed over the network to the viewer. The Live Web Feed is good when adjusted to the correct settings. Although significantly less frames per second compared to Fast Network Camera mode. But ! You can not use motion detection and various other things you normally would. It strictly feeds the Live HD feed to the network, bypassing the OS's package tools. (such as motion detection)


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Step 2: What Can It Do?

It can do a lot.

Home Surveillance Camera System

Home Media Center for music or video

Nanny Cam

Motion Activated Camera

Live Feedback Camera

Time Lapse Camera

Nature Camera

Webcam Server



"Stone Cloud" I'm coining this phrase to mean: Any physical storage device that can be accessed from the internet. Basically a big thumbdrive(s) with an internet connection. It can even be controlled with a watchdog timer to ensure it stays online After a crash, automatically!

Basically almost anything a Raspberry Pi can do...

Step 3: Lets Get Started!

Grab your Raspberry Pi and you're 5 megapixel camera. Don't forget the lithium ion battery pack.

Insert the Pi and the battery into your Cool Robot Change piggy bank. Make sure your battery pack is fully charged before installing. Connect the Raspberry Pi to the battery pack. Place everything inside the BoBoBoT.

Now. Install the OS. MotionPie OS.

First. Download the MotionPie OS Image from:

Once the download is complete, unzip / untar the file. Then simply copy the OS Image over to a formatted USB Drive using the DD command in Linux, or a Super Easy way of doing it in Windows with Win32 Disk Imager from:

Win32 Disk Imager is Fast and Easy to use. Simply select the Image file you downloaded and unzipped, then burn it to a USB Multi Card Reader for SD cards. Once the Write to USB is complete, Safely eject your USB Card Reader / SD card and pop it in your Raspberry Pi BoBoBoT.

Boot up your Raspberry MotionPie Camera System. Log in and check out all the Amazing features this OS has.

Step 4: Mounting the Camera Module

You can almost mount it anywhere. Simply drill a hole big enough for the lense to see through or a bigger hole for the lense to to poke through. Then mount the Camera Module in place with screws, glue, or zip ties.

Step 5: Add Your LED Arrays

* Note: I ordered my Camer NOIR Module with a manually adjustable scope lens. I can twist the lens inward or outward for focus at different distances. It seems to work good.

Add an Infrared Night Vision LED Array to light up the night for the NOIR Camera Module.

Add a white colored LED Array for a Flashlight or Beacon.

Add status indicator LEDs.

Or keep it Stealth with no visible lights.

Step 6: Mount Your Antenna(s)

Mount your WiFi antennas

Mount your FM radio antenna

Mount your Cellular antenna

Mount your Bluetooth antenna

Mount a Land Based Sonar antenna?

Step 7: Add Your Sensors

add on a Microphone Sensor

add on a Motion Sensor

add on Cellular SIM900 Board and turn your Raspberry Pi into a Cell Phone with SIM card and Data plan!

add on a Moisture Sensor

add on an Infrared IR Optical Transmitter Sensor

Step 8: Mount Your BoBoBoT and Explore!

You can mount it to the ceiling of your basement! Then activate your motion sensors and see Whats going on down there. Or run a wire to the floor. Now attach a moisture sensor. Now when your basement floods, and you are on vacation, you can watch it all unfold in horror via your cell phone :-) or if you thought ahead, you can just activate your sump pump via your Raspberry Pi !


Place it on top of your entertainment center in your TV room. You now have a Media Center and a nanny cam!


Make it and others into Individual Camera Nodes that communicate back to the Main Brain, The Vader Box. Which in turn transmits it to the internet through Cellular, WiFi, or Direct Satellite UpLink.


Leave it in an interesting place. Set it to motion record. And watch people's reaction to the BoBoBoT. Add a Microphone and Speaker and now you can see them, hear them, and talk to them! But they can only hear you.

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