The Bodhrán - a Traditional Irish Frame Drum Made Easy




Introduction: The Bodhrán - a Traditional Irish Frame Drum Made Easy

About: I like playing the guitar and other musical instruments. I also enjoy building things and outdoor stuff(Scouts....yeah). Instructables seems like a good place to start....

More about the bodhran:

Here in Singapore, the bodhran is a very 'unknown' instrument to many. But for some reason I stumbled upon it and like how it is being played.

Unfortunately, buying one may burn a hole in my wallet.

So I decided to make one without traditional wood or goatskin (those would also cost a lot)
Check out the link. I used it to make my bodhran. 

I used some baking thingy for the body (it's metal and shiny! looks like a snare)
Drum head using tape : 

I think the bodhran I made is too small to be a bodhran, but makes a relatively good sound. I encourage you to try this project as it only takes a short time to make and it is fun.

Thanks for reading.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This kind of instrument make some to think than making your own Bodhran is not only interesting but it can arose your creativity and inclination to use traditional instrument. -