Introduction: The Book of Secrets !

  • Are you tired of your already finished books sitting around never to be touched again, occupying space ?

Well, you are in luck ! How about turning those old books of yours in to little secret stash boxes ?

In this project I will try to do my best to give you a very short but a very understandable guide to make this happen !

What are you waiting for let’s go !!!


1- An old book or a book that you no longer need. (Thicker the better)

2- A glue. (I recommend PVA glue since it is faster and more secure but since I didn’t have it while I was making this, I used a glue stick instead)

3- A cutter

4- A marker

5- An oily

Step 1: Choose Your Book !

Pick one !

Choose a book that you no longer care for ! Be sure to choose one that is reasonably THICC depending to your taste but a book that has somewhere around 300-500 pages gives better results !

I went with this 300 pages long book that I have already read...

Step 2: Glue Time ! Sticky Fingers Alert !

Get your glues ready !

Hold the book as a whole just like in the picture and glue the edges and sides of the book including back cover but excluding front cover ! So that you can open and close it like a box !

After that put a oily paper between the front cover and the first page than put something heavy on top of the book and wait a couple of hours (depends on your glue preference) to let it STICC !

Step 3: Planing Time !

After the glue has done it’s job and made sure the book feels solid and pages won’t move, it’s time to plan the size of your stash spot !

You can chose how thick the walls will be depending on your preferences but I went with my rulers wideness...

1 - Just rest your ruler to the side of page just like in the picture and use your marker to draw the line !

2- Repeat this process for all 4 walls !

Step 4: Cutting Time ! (Watch Your Fingers You !)

So after you have completed drawing all the lines, it’s time to cut them following those !

1- Simply follow your lines and cut them (Cut the formed rectangle) !

2- Repeat for all sides !

Step 5: Ah, It’s All Coming Together !

Now that you have something like this in the picture, we are in the endgame now !

Don’t worry if it all looks a bit messy, after you remove the cut pages you can just trim the sides until you are satisfied !

Step 6: Ta-dahh !

Congratulations !!!

You have successfully completed this project !

Step 7: Enjoy !

Know that it is finished, but it to a test !

Use it as you like and Enjoy !!!

Thank you for your time ! (Hope you are satisfied !)