Introduction: The Boy Scouts of America Pumpkin!

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I was inspired by the BSA to carve this pumpkin. I thought it would be a challenging logo to complete and have a neat outcome.

For the eagle I used a knife, thin scrubber (to get all of the gunk out once carved in the small areas), and a few other tools.

For the fleur de lise surrounding the eagle I used a special bit on my dremel to slowly grind away the pumpkin.

The shield on the eagle is a separate piece, as you can see.

[ BSA info]
Fleur-de-lis: symbolizes a compass needle. The needle points the Scout in the right direction, which is onward and upward.
Two stars: The stars symbolize truth and knowledge
Eagle with an American shield: the eagle and shield symbolize freedom and readiness to defend it.

I hope you enjoyed this slideshow, feel free to rate, comment, and ask any questions about my carving!


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