The Cat Treat Box

Introduction: The Cat Treat Box

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This box is a challenge for your cats and can be reused many times and is fun for you and your cats when they get a treat. If this is ment for a bigger cat use a bigger box but mine is meant for a smaller cat so I used a smaller-ish box.


This instructables is pretty vague but for my treat box I used:


Toilet paper tubes.

A cardboard box. (this is recommended)


And cat treats (you can use dog treats to my cats like both.) The treats are not show until the end because my dogs will knock me over to get them.

You will also need scissors too cut the cardboard.

Step 1: Gather the Items.

This is what I used to make my box but you can use more of 1 thing or even something completely new just remember this question: Would my cat like it??? I have already cut up the cardboard and I used another box for it. (For extra fun add some catnip and a toy or 2 for extra fun!)

Step 2: Create the Walls and Entrance.

what I did was cut off 1 flap of the box and taped the rest up to form walls.

Step 3: Fill It Up!!!

Take the stuff that you found to fill it up except for the catnip toys and treats and put them in.

Step 4: Decorate

This step is optional but I added a little flag to make it look neat.

Step 5: the Final Step

Add the goodies!!!

Remember those treats and toys and catnip? toss them in and give the box to your cat.

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