The Coat Hanger




Introduction: The Coat Hanger

Introducing the Coat Hanger!

Welcome to our humble "art in motion".

What it consists of is a coat hanger like structure that swings straws back and forth to create a unique experience. All is worthwhile, and we suggest you make one of your own Coat Hanger as it is easy and fun to make.

Step 1: Starting the Coat Hanger

First, we made a stable base by connecting four PVC tubes of the same length together.

We then cut two of the four tubes in half so that we could add "T" pieces to tubes going straight up.

We cut two more tubes of the same length and stuck parallel into those two "T" pieces.

Next, we made an "X" shaped tube and placed it on the tubes sticking out of the base. We put "T" tubes on the other 3 sides of the "X" that wasn't already plugged into a hole.

At the top of the "X" we connected the two "Sprouting" vertical tubes so that it would stay secure.

Then we made two more tubes of the same length but also added a handle onto one end, and also made it thinner so it could rotate. The handle will act as a crank and will be the way to generate the circular motion of the straws. (Learn straws on the next step.)

For the other two sides on the "X" we did something a little bit different. On one side, we put a "T" shaped PVC pipe so that a tube with a handle can slip right through. On the other side of this "X" piece, we grabbed a "L" shaped PVC pipe so that a tube with the handle has a place to rest. Vice Versa on the other side.

Step 2: Making the Straws

These are the things that will make the Coat Hanger unique. This part can have many variation. You can use straws, strings, PVC pipes, etc. as long as it is long enough to sway, but not too long that it will touch the ground. We used 3 straws taped together vertically.

Step 3: Putting the Straws On

Again, this can vary from structure to structure. You can use tape, hot glue, etc. to glue the straw like tentacles onto the two parallel tubes hanging from above. Make sure to try just a few out at a time as it may be tedious to take the tentacles off if it didn't work out as planned. Try rotating the lever and see how the straws (or something else) line up. Will they accidentally collide? Adjust accordingly.

Step 4: Adding Decoration

In the end you can always add more colors to make your structure beautiful. Feel free to spray paint the PVC pipes or whatever you used any color you want. Viola! You are officially done with your own, easy and affordable art in motion. It may need some manual labor, but all the time making it was worth it as it was very fun!

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    4 years ago

    it would be great to see a video of the straws swinging

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Fun coat hanger. The bright colors would be perfect for a school coat rack.