Introduction: The Crazy Corona Coaster (Roller Coaster at Home)

Today i will show you how to make, The Crazy Corona Coaster! I named it this because it's a roller coaster, during Coronavirus. It's an easy DIY at home. you will be able to start a recording on your phone of the phone on the roller coaster so you have have fun during Coronavirus. Enjoy!


you will need:

3D printer

A phone of any kind

A hand

A ruler/ measuring tape

Rubber Band

Motor, wires, and battery (Optional)

Glue (preferably hot glue)

and your imagination

Step 1: The Cart

To start, you will need to measure the small side of your phone. then go into Tinkercad and get a square and make it a millimeter or 2 bigger than your phone. make the height about half the height of your phone. hit Ctrl + D and a new square of the same size will appear right on top of it. make it a hole and make it 2 millimeters smaller on each side. then the bottom. but NOT the top. now group them. you should have a shape like picture 1. next get a cylinder and make it the height you want the rails to be. now make a cylinder a few millimeters big. make it a hole and select both the wheel and the new cylinder, and hit L. next, click the 2 buttons shown in picture 2. now move the hole 1mm-2mm upwards. now group it. now make a cylinder a tiny bit smaller than the hole. Make 6 of them in total. make 2 of them bigger. they should be about 7mm x 7mm. this depend on the size of box. make a cylinder that fits inside the hole. make it a millimeter or 2 smaller. you should have everything it picture 4. take the axle of the big wheels and copy one. make it a hole and put in on the bottom center of the box. it should not go through the bottom. group it together to get picture 5. now take a square and make it (length of back of box) x (phone height) x a few millimeters put it on the back of the box. this is the phone stand. now lie all the pieces flat on the ground. like picture 8. when ready to print, you can. the cart is done.

Step 2: The Rails

To start you need to get out a square and make it 50mm by 10mm by (height of wheels). hit Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V and space them out so the wheels are touching them and there is no spacing in between. or else the cart wont work. now group the rails together. that is the straight rails. now the corner rails. get 2 of the straight rails and put them together to make an intersection. get a cylinder and make it the height of the rails. next, get a torus and make the radius and the tube size the same amount of small blocks are inside the rails. for the example, if there were 8 blocks inside the straight rails, the the torus's radius and tube would be 8. next, get 2 squares that are holes and adjust them so the torus is only showing 8 x 8 mini cubes. an easy way to tell is to click on the torus and a small 2D box is under it. that is the outside of it. make it so only 8 (this is a different number for you) mini block are showing. like picture 4. now group them and make the torus a hole and put it so its in the center of the cylinder. aka the corner. the cylinder should be inside it. like picture 5 and 6. now group them. get squares the size of in between the rails and just enough to cut off the extra pieces from the cylinder. group it to get picture 7. now take 2 squares and shorten the extra stuff to taste. VIOLA! you're done the corner piece.

Step 3: How to Use

To use, print it. after that you need to assemble the cart. put the big axle inside the hole on the bottom of the cart. and put the big wheels on it. next, do the same with the smaller ones. except that you need to glue the axles on the bottom. after that, and glue to the ends of the axles so the wheels dont fall off. then, to attach your phone, put it inside the cart so its leaning on the phone stand. now put a rubber band or 2 around it so it doesnt fall. now set up the tracks as you wish, put the cart on the tracks, start recording the video, and push the cart. Now. if you dont want to push it, you can automate it so its attached to motors and stuff, but im not gonna do anything with that. so you can if you want.

IMPORTANT! this roller coaster can not do crazy stunts such as, Loop-de-loops, fast U-shapes, going up vertically, etc. you WILL break your phone. You have been warned.

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