Introduction: The Dark Saber

I decided to make a special kind of light saber from star wars. I made the Dark saber a black light saber, an ancient sith artifact. The dark saber is almost a 12 in long, its 2 in wide, and 1 in thick. I made the hilt out of wood that amounts to 1 in. My Materials: 0.5 in wood of 8 X 12, The X Carve machine, The ban saw, Hot Glue, 2 screws, a screw driver, Black paint, Silver paint, Belt sander/sand paper, and a Bench Grinder

Step 1: Step 1: Using Easel

For the first step you must use the computer program easel to create the size, shape, and design of the hilt. At first I made a design of the hilt but it didn't work when trying to use the X Carve. So I downloaded an image of the hilt onto easel and then made the outline of the hilt for it to carve. I made the hilt then duplicated it to make make 2 sides to put together later on. I also carved out an area of the hilt for a blade to go in the future.

Step 2: Step 2: Completing the Hilt

After making the outline of the hilt you then need to cut it out in the X Carve. after cutting out the outline of the hilt on the X Carve I then finished cutting it out with the ban saw. Then after cutting out the hilt on the ban saw I glued the two halves together and screwed them together for extra support. After screwing the two pieces together I noticed the screws had gone through both the pieces of wood. So I then took off the ends of the screws that were poking through with the bench grinder.

Step 3: Step 3: Painting and Finalizing the Hilt

The last and final step is the paint the hilt black. But before I painted it, I noticed that the body was rough and needed to be sanded. So I sanded all the flat edges with the belt sander. Then after all the larger sides were smooth I used sand paper to smooth out all the smaller areas of the hilt that couldn't be sanded with the belt sander. When its all sanded smooth I then painted it black. But before I painted it, I added a little bit of silver paint to the black paint to add a more charcoal black color.

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