Introduction: The Drawer

The dimension:

Cabinet: Width 40.5 x Length 70 x Height 95 centimeters.

Drawer: Width 47.5 x Length 55 x Height 11 centimeters.

Hello, In this project, I will use the old siding panel and plywood to make it into the drawer by using of the original material and touch up with acrylic paint. The cabinet will have 5 drawer and no handle. It’s easy to pull out the drawer and just push it back. For the cabinet I use wood frame cover with plywood and make it looks like metal finished. It add some classic or vintage look to the cabinet. The cabinet can be use in any rooms and can be decorated piece as well. It’s will make your room looks good. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do The Drawer’s project.

1. Old wood siding panel, plywood thickness 6 millimeters.

2. Drawer rails 5 pairs, wood glue, sand papers, and nail gun.

3. Spray paint (Red brown, copper, silver), arcylic paint (Light green, light yellow), clear lacquer.

Step 1: Make the Frame

Cut the wood frame, I use parawood into small pieces, then apply the wood glue and use the staple gun to attach at the end of the piece and the corner piece to make in the box frame. Next I attach the ply wood inside by wood glue and nail gun. At this point I have like a square box, just the inside and start to attach the plywood on the outside the dimension (95 x 40.5 = 2 pieces on the sides and 70 x 40.5 = 1 piece). Next cut the strips on plywood to attach at the front and the back side which is 5 centimeters wide.

Step 2: Make the Drawers

Next I begin to cut the plywood to make the drawers. Then I cut the plywood to sizes (55 x 11 = 10 pieces) and (47.5 x 11 = 10 pieces for the side). Next use the router cut on one side for the plywood at the bottom (55 x 47.5 = 5 pieces). Then apply the wood glue to all edges and the bottom plywood and put nail gun to all the pieces. Now it should look like the boxes. Next I cut the old siding panels to make the front of the drawers. Now attach the front panel to the drawer with the screw in the inside. Then measure the inner panel to attach the drawer rails and attach at the bottom of the drawer.

Step 3: The Paints

It time to paint for the cabinet I spray the red brown, next the copper around the edges, and the silver last. Next I use the acrylic paint for the drawers 4 light green and light yellow. Now I use the sand paper fine grit to sand off the silver in some area all side the cabinet (side, top, front). The last thing is spray clear lacquer over the silver. It’s done. It’s work very well.


Special Thanks to: Mr. Sakorn

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