Introduction: The Easiest Way How to Clean Silver Jewelry

Hello everyone!
Today we will try to return the purity and shine, tarnished or covered with a black coating, silver. To do this, we will need only 2 ingredients: baking soda and foil.

Step 1:

I think everyone will be able to find them in the kitchen. And if not, they can be purchased at the nearest store. The procedure takes only a few minutes.
This method is suitable for processing silverware and jewelry. Jewelry should not have natural precious stones (Stones can fade).

We'll need:
1. Baking soda

2. Foil

3. Bowl

4. Old toothbrush

5. Hot water

Step 2:

There is such a test subject. Lately it has faded a little and lost its original luster. Now let's try to return it.

Step 3:

I take a small bowl and cover it with foil.

Step 4:

Pour 2 teaspoons of baking soda into a bowl.

Step 5:

I take the kettle and pour boiling water.

Step 6:

I drop the bracelet into the bowl and wait until reaction will be complete.

Step 7:

After 10 minutes, the reaction will be complete. The water will become muddy.

Step 8:

I took out his bracelet and brushed it a little.

Step 9:

I washed it with clean water and dried it.

The bracelet was as good as new. The stones did not darken.
In such a simple way, you can return the Shine and beauty of your jewelry. It is necessary to carry out cleaning at least once a year, and if necessary, more often. To prevent jewelry from darkening and need to be cleaned less often, store them in a dry place, away from medicines, cosmetics and household chemicals.

Step 10: