Introduction: The Epileptically Friendly Reusable Cup Straw

So here's the skinny of things.

The other night I was drinking using my favorite cup with the hard plastic straw and had a seizure and bit right through the straw; chipped a tooth a bit. When I came to the cup didn't spill but I was on physical pain and my straw was torn to turds.

Then I thought of a way to recover the use of my cup and this is how to do and hopefully this will help someone.

Required materials:

  1. Broken straw
  2. Replacement toss-away straw (from any SBUX location, grab the large one)

Step 1: Remove Rubber Stopper-thingumabob

So you're gonna pull off the rubber stopper, it rolls off pretty easily.

You could also use a CLEAN rubberband. If you break the straw, just grab another one (they're free!)

Step 2: Add the Old Rubber Stopper to New Straw

Pinch the top of the replacement straw to make it easier to slip over the old rubber stopper


There ya go, all done!

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