Introduction: The Famous Gerbeaud Squares

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Hungary is known for their pretty and amazing layer cakes. One of them are these super good Zserbo Szelet which translated to Gerbeaud Squares.

Step 1: Method


450 g flour

200 g margarine/butter

50 g sugar

1 yolk

a pinch of salt

100 ml kefir

Mix everything and knead, then divide into 3 equal portions


300 g jam of your choice

200 g ground walnut

100 g sugar


200 g bittersweet chocolate

Line a rectangular pan with parchment paper

Roll flat one dough then place on the pan

Spread jam covering dough then sprinkle mixture of walnut and sugar covering jam

Roll flat another dough and place on the pan covering walnut mixture

Spread dough with jam again then sprinkle with walnut mixture

Roll flat last dough and bake at preheated 350 F for 25-30 minutes

Cool before glazing

Melt chocolate on microwave and spread evenly on cooled cake.

Let chocolate harden before slicing

Enjoy :)

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