The Flying Dutchman

Introduction: The Flying Dutchman

We've created our own version of the ornithopter by Leonardo Da Vinci. In this instructable we're going to explain how to make your own!

Enjoy :)

Step 1: Collecting Materials

for the ornithopter you'll need the following materials, measurements are in the file.

  • coffee stir sticks (+/- 7)
  • wire
  • beads (we've used perler beads, +/- 7)
  • rubber band
  • coffee filter or tissue paper (2)

a glue gun will come in handy but superglue will do as well

you'll also need needle nosed plyers to bend the wires

Step 2: Building the Body & the Wing-frame


for this step you'll need the wooden pieces of 1 inch, 2,5 inch and 4,5 inch

glue all the parts together as seen in the picture, don't forget the beads. 4 beads on the upper side and 3 beads lower side.


take the 2 pieces of 5 inch. Bend the wire as in the picture and glue them together.

Step 3: The Tail

take the 3 wooden pieces of 3,5 inches and glue them so that you have an equilateral triangle.

glue it to the body and attach coffee filter/tissue paper

don't forget the small hook (see picture), it is made of the 1,25 inch long wire

Step 4: The Drive Mechanism

first bend the 2,25 inch wire as shown in the picture

then make 2 small holes with a small hand drill in the wooden pieces of 2,1 inches.

put them all together and when you wind up the rubber band it shoud flutter

Step 5: Finishing Touch

Now you'll only need to cut the wings so that they’re 5,3 inch (13,5 cm) wide and 3,9 inch (10 cm) long (as you see in the picture).

glue them on the wing-frame, wind up the rubber band by rotating the drive mechanism and you're ready to go!!!!

tip: don't throw it too fast

we have made our own adjustments to the design, this was our inspiration

Emsaid, Ornithopter

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    7 years ago

    Pretty interesting design! Nice job!