Introduction: The Garlic Oil - When You Inviting Mr. Vampire to Halloween Dinner

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This Halloween, you might need this oil to find out who the vampire among your dinner guest, Nah!

Or maybe you just try to cook some Asian Food for impressed your Asian Fellas.

Saute the garlic is a must on Asian Food

Step 1: The Ingredient

1. Garlic
2. Candlenut
3. Sesame Oil (1-2 tbs)
4. Melt Margarine (250 gr)

You need some Garlic and candlenut as the picture to have a small jar Garlic Oil

** I'm so sorry, i was forget to photo the sesame oil and melt margarine. But i believe, you know what i mean :p

Step 2: Preparing the Garlic

1. Remove the peel
2. Chop garlic as small as you can
3. Put it on small jar

One of my chinese chef was told me, to have the maximum flavors that you need to hit the garlic first then chop it

Step 3: And the Candlenut

1. Crush the candlenut until finely pounded
2. Put it on jar same as the garlic was

You can replace with the candlenut powder, but i guarantee you will love the fresh aroma from the finely pounded

Step 4: Margarine Times

Added the 250gr melt margarine to the jar, make sure the garlic and candlenut fully submerged

Step 5: Closing by the Sesame Oil

1. Spread 1 or 2 tbs sesame oil evenly
2. Stir it light and close the jar

Step 6: Using the Garlic Oil

I always using this Garlic Oil for Seafood Fried Rice, Stir Fried Vegetables, addition on marinated asian barbeque, omellete and any Asian Food.

The garlic oil doesn't need to put on chiller or freezer. Just keep it on air-tight jar or locknlock, it will still fresh approx 2 weeks

On Halloween dinner, i usually serve Asian food with many garlic and i did it in purpose ;)

** I'm sorry if my english so bad, i'm still learning

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