The Gentlemen Stalker

Introduction: The Gentlemen Stalker

Here's a short Tutorial on what you'll need to create an amazing Gentlemen Stalker costume. You'll win every costume contest you enter!!

Step 1: What You Need!!

This is everything you're going to need!

If you have a local theater in your area, it's possible they rent out costume supplies, in which case, this is a great option to get things such as the Cravat, cloak, top hat, etc... Not many people have this stuff laying around.

After you have everything together. Put it all together for an insanely awesome final product!!

I won the costume contest at my work last year, which was a grand prize of $400. It helped pay for the mask, and everything else I spent money on for this costume.

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    7 years ago

    Very nice. That mask is terrific, but whoa . . . pricey! :)

    Everything works together very well. Very cool costume!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks!! Yeah, the mask is certainly an investment, but I'm a totaly Halloween freak, and I work in haunted houses as a hobby, so it was worth it to me. I think this look can be used for much cheaper masks as well, if someone can't afford a CFX mask.