Introduction: One Great Steak

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One of my favorite ways to cook is grilling out, and of course nothing beats a great steak.

While its true that no matter how you cook a steak on the grill, it's steak and it's going to be good! However not all meat is created equal and sometimes I just can't afford the best cuts for grilling. So after visiting the local grocery store looking a simple and easy recipe for just about any kind of meat, a little tweaking with the flavors and timing; I came up with one great steak!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Steak meat (I like thick cuts, they always grill the best),

Dale's Steak Seasoning (my favorite premix),

Steakhouse Seasoning (the grinder version works best for me),

Liquid Smoke (optional if you like a more smoke flavored meat),

Mixing bowl,

Grill (Gas or Charcoal, I have both but I love the taste of a charcoal grill),


Charcoal starter,


Cutting board (Optional),

Butcher's knife (Optional),

Meat cleaver (Optional).

Step 2: Preparing the Steak

1. Put a small amount of Dale's in a large bowl, here you can add liquid smoke if you like (I've found 2 tablespoons works best).

2. Add your steak and pour the remaining amount of Dale's over the meat; drowning it.

3. Let it soak; the trick to adding the flavor is how long you let the meat sit in the sauce. I usually let it soak 3 to 4 hours.

Tip: Every hour or so go turn the meat in the marinade to help saturate both sides well.

Tip: If the meat is nice and thick sometimes I make little slices in the meat before the marinade to aide it when soaking.

Step 3: Grill Time!

This instructable assumes you already know the basics on how the heat up your grill and get it ready to cook, I like my charcoal grill's charcoals to have the flame almost out and the white / gray embers before cooking, or my gas grill to be 350 to 400 degrees.

4. Place the meat on the grill, and add the steakhouse grinder seasoning over the meat a full 6 to 8 twists, however this part is more about flavor to your taste. I don't like my steak to be too peppery.

5. After the meat has started to sear and the seasoning is starting to soak in, turn the steak over and repeat the grinding process on the seared side. I like a lot of flavor on my steak so here is where I'll use a basting brush and use the left over marinade to brush on the meat, also aides keeping the steak juicy.

6. The way you like your steak is up to you, I like mine to be a little pink inside (Medium). I use a knife and make a cut in the thickest part of the meat and continue to check until I reach the look I like.

Tip: I like to turn the meat a couple of times throughout the cooking process, and add more marinade and seasoning, sometime making little slices with a knife to help get the flavor in the meat just a little deeper.

Step 4: Plating

Once I've removed my steak from the grill; I pull out my cutting board and with a knife or cleaver cut my steak into chew-able cubes, add a batch of my soul fries, a couple of dinner rolls, a glass of iced tea, and kick back and enjoy!

Tip: Like I said I really like these seasonings, I've starting mixing it with my ground beef when making hamburgers, and it's always a hit around the picnic table!

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