Introduction: Halloween Pumpkin Cake


2 Halloween cake mix packages
6 eggs
1 cup of oil
2 cup of cold water
2 Frosting vanilla ( neon orange mix)
1 cinnamon frosting ( middle part)
2 Bundt cake mold
Wax paper 1 sheet
Flat knife
Black fondant
4 cookies
Green tube frosting

This will get you enough for the 2 cake mixes you'll need !

Step 1: Cake Mix

Preheat the oven at 350 degrees,
Mix your Halloween flour mix and ingredients into a bowl , stir with a spoon or a fork that aerates the mix better, and make sure you used cold water it makes the cake itself fluffier.
. Now remember your using 2 of these molds so you'll have to do the same for each before you Stick them in the oven for roughly 30-35 minutes, ( ovens vary in temperature)

NOTE: to make sure your cake is ready, insert a toothpick in the cake itself and make sure it comes out clean , if it doesn't give it 5 more minutes and try it again.

Cool the cakes for about half hour on a cooling rack.

Step 2: Find the Pumpkin Shape

Now that your 2 bundt cakes are cooled , begin by removing the sides( excess) super carefully all around.
After you've done this ,your gonna even out one of the cakes by removing the top layer with a very sharp kitchen knife.
Then Start frosting the even part w frosting , this can be anything you like really it's basically to "glue" the two cakes together and yes to have a little treat In between all that awesome cake.
Now stack them up, now you see it's pumpkin shape begin to take place

Step 3: Pre Prep

Now start frosting the whole cake, it doesn't matter how it looks, this is basically called a "Crumb coat", it basically secures all the crumbs and help you get an even awesome coat at the end , make sure get all the spots and when your done freeze the cake for 30 minutes ( this will help with your frosting)
Now to make the stem: get the cookies and frost them w green icing all around and freeze those too.

NOTE : the stem can be done with rice crispy treat, ice cream cone, cookies, fondant anything you'd like really the possibilities are endless.

Step 4: Frosting That Face

Now that your cake is pre coated and had been frozen start frosting all the way around, you'll see the frosting goes on thick, and super smooth, now I'am gonna let you in a little secret get the best , seamless, and smoothest frosting ....WAX PAPER. Yep ! Grab a small square of it and start sliding the wax paper bottom up and TADAHHHHHHH!!!!! Do that all the way around .
After this grab a butter knife to draw in any details on the pumpkin.
Add the stem to your pumpkin.
Roll out your fondant and cut eyes, nose and mouth , this can be anything you wish really ! Be creative!

Add them to your cake and your done !! Your now officially ready for your Halloween party !

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