The Greatest Scientific Prank Ever

Introduction: The Greatest Scientific Prank Ever

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May the (magnetic) force be with you!


4 sizzling magnets - Here

Gloves - Here

Glue - Here

Step 1: Magnet Gluing

Turn the glove inside out and glue 2 magnets on the palm of the glove.

Wait for it to dry and turn the glove back over. Repeat for the second glove.

Step 2: Pranking

Pick things up and prank your friends and family with "the Force" of picking things metal up without touching them. They can also be useful for "forcing" stuff to you when working. Have fun, and may the Force be with you!

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Tip 1 year ago

Also, if your friends/family figure the trick out, don't glue the magnets and only pull one out, then do the trick again, clarifying that you have the Force!


1 year ago

I'm sorry I didn't clarify this earlier. "Forcing" : The act of using the force of magnetics to attract stuff to you.