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Introduction: The Green One - a Lavender Sachet

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Hello again to the Instructible community!! I am finally back with a new project for you. This was born during a brainstorming session while I was trying to think up a gift for my grandmother whose birthday we were celebrating…well, that evening. I decided upon a sachet as a sweet, but practical gift. After a quick Pinterest search on sachets I formed an idea in my head of what I wanted to make. I knew there would be some contest here I could enter into, so I further designed my plan to fit the criteria and finally I had my gift planned out. I want to make more colors in the future as I think this is an adorable little project and it makes a easy and quick gift that could easily be altered and played around with. This is The Green One. Credit to the Cosy Project blog and Julie Nyanyo for the inspiration! I loved this project and am excited to share it with you here on Instructibles.


You will need:
Felt - any color - I used a beige white color that I love
Machine thread - I used black
Fabric scraps for door and roof
Herb of choice - I love lavender for sachets
Yarn or embroidery thread - I only had yarn on hand
Thin marker for sketching out house pattern and embroidery design
Sharp needle for embroidery
Sewing machine (though hand sewing would work great for this simple project as well)

Step 1: Sketch Your Houses

Quick lesson I learned here. I cut a template from cardboard and used it to cut my felt. But cardboard slides around way too much on the felt. In the end the better option is to just eyeball the shape of house you want and cut one. Layer it on an uncut piece of felt and cut a mirror shape. Way easier and less work. Whatever size you decide on, just remember that you will want space for the embroidery.

Step 2: Sewing Roof and Door on and Adding a Wee Window

Now you will want to choose fabric for your roof and door. I chose the same material for both, but it is completely up to you. I cut my door out and eyeballed the roof to fit the top of my felt house. I sewed the inner edges only of these two scrap pieces leaving the outer edges free to be sewed up later with the finishing seam. I also did a quick little window at the top right of my house. This is optional and you could add more if you wanted as well.

Step 3: Next Up…embroidery!

This was probably my favorite part. I started by sketching out my vine and little flowers, did a quick Google search to refresh my embroidering memory, and stitched away. I used a stem stitch for the vine as it looks the most smooth on curves and just simple French knots for the flowers. It turned out really quickly and I think it looks super cute. It is chunkier since I used yarn, but it still worked out just fine.

Step 4: Finishing Up!!

Next, back to the sewing machine. I quickly sewed around three of the edges leaving the bottom open for filling. Added about a tablespoon of dried lavender buds and sewed that last edge closed. And with that, this sachet is completely done!

Step 5: Final Notes

I tried to do the machine sewing on this very loosely. The tiny window is a little wonky, the edges aren’t perfectly straight, some of the scraps are fraying a tiny bit, and my embroidery certainly isn’t perfect, but this was exactly how I wanted it. Loose and lovely. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please share if you try it out! Experiment with thread colors, felt colors, flowers you embroider, the herbs you use, house shape, fabric choice. So many ways to reinvent this project and I would love to hear what you try! Until next time! -Hope

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    The clay Tortoise
    The clay Tortoise

    3 months ago

    Very pretty! Love the colors you chose!


    Reply 3 months ago

    Following you and noticed we both joined Instructables around the same time. You have been much more consistent to post though 😂. Thanks for being a witness on your profile as well. I am also a Christian and really appreciate your outspoken love for Jesus. ❤️


    Reply 3 months ago

    Thank you so much! I really enjoyed working on it, though I want to try other colors in the future as well. Maybe a blue or dark red one. Hope you found the tutorial easy to read, I haven’t heard any other feedback on it since I posted it…😬. So thanks for commenting!