Introduction: The Hag Sandwich

Most people have tried a ham sandwich. Most people have tried a egg sandwich. But have those people ever thought to combine ingredients? This guide will show you two different ways to make a superb, gourmet Ham and Egg Sandwich, called the Hag sandwich.

One afternoon, after coming home from a long day of school, I scavenged my refrigerator for something to stuff my stomach. Losing hope in finding anything to fulfill my growling stomach, I turned to the meat and cheese drawer (in the fridge). In there, I found some Swiss cheese and deli ham, but that wasn’t enough for my belly; with its growls, it led me to the egg carton, the mayonnaise jar, and a loaf of bread. With these ingredients me and my trusty sidekick (my stomach) created a sandwich sent from heaven.

Step 1: Ingredients and Utilities

Ingredients and Utilities

  • Two eggs (If you want more eggs on the sandwich feel free to do so)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Two bread slices (I advise whole grain bread, but rye bread is also acceptable)
  • Any kind of cheese (I make mine with Swiss)
  • Deli Ham
  • Optional:Any other meats or cheeses you would like to add (if you do add meat i suggest turkey)
  • Butter
  • For step 4: A medium sized frying pan
  • For step 5: A panini press

Step 2: Lets Fry the Egg!

I suggest frying the egg over hard, because when using the panini press to sear the hag, the egg yolk might splatter over the panini press. Put butter in the medium sized frying pan and fry it till the yolk is hard (this is how you cook a over hard egg).

Step 3: Lets Prepare the Sandwich!

I usually do this as I am frying the egg, but if you do not have very much cooking experience I would prep the sandwich before or after frying the egg. Pick two bread slices of your choice and spread the desired amount of mayo on them. I would put the mayo on both sides for a better cooked sandwich experience. After spreading the mayo, put half slice of cheese on both sides; if you are using a different cheese or you just would like more Swiss, add it. Then put two slices of ham, evened out between the two bread slices, in the sandwich.

Before I explain the next steps, there are two ways to cook the Hag. Step 4 explains how to pan fry the sandwich. Step 5 explains how to use a panini press to cook the sandwich. Skip to the step that you prefer the Hag, or try both!

Step 4: Lets Fry the Hag!

Take your frying pan and place it over your fire. Next spread butter around the pan. Take your prepared Hag Sandwich (with the fried egg inside)and leave it on the pan until the bread is brownish-blackish, which adds a crispier experience (or leave it on however long you want it). After frying the Hag, put it on a plate and voilά the hag sandwich is complete! If you are using this step to cook the sandwich skip to step 6.

Step 5: Lets Press the Hag!

Before you start cooking the sandwich with the panini press, heat up the panini press. After the panini press is heated up , add the fried egg to the prepared sandwich and place the sandwich in the panini press, placing the top on after putting the sandwich in the panini press. Leave it for about two minutes (or leave it however long you want), and then flip the sandwich over; be careful though, because the panini press is very hot. Finally, put the sandwich on a plate and you are good to go. By the way, I use a cast iron panini press, but the instructions should be the same if you are using a electric panini press.

Step 6: Bon Appétit!

After creating the master sandwich, the next step is to finally give your mouth the privilege of feasting on a hag. Your mouth will rejoice in the glorious taste of the sandwich, and your stomach will crave the the hag. I usually leave the sandwich uncut when eating it, but if you want to you may cut the finished product to get a more formal look. I don’t normally drink anything with the sandwich when eating, but if you were to drink something with it i suggest a tall, cold glass of milk.

Before I leave you with the thought of making this sandwich, I would like to thank my father for teaching me my cooking skills, and the owner of this ( instructable for inspiring me to share my recipe to the world.