The Hand Propelled Magic Maker

Introduction: The Hand Propelled Magic Maker

Make a super exciting hand propelled magic maker in just a few simple steps!

Step 1: Making Your Blades

1. Use some styrofoam poster paper to cut out your blades

2. Use a print out from the internet or your own design and trace it onto the poster paper (make sure that when they all come together they make a clean circle)

3. Make sixteen blades, 8 going one way and 8 going the other way

4. Take them outside and spray paint each group one color


Step 2: Make Your Stand

1. To make your stand you're going to need plywood

2. Cut a rectangular piece of wood to use as your backboard

3. Using PVC pipes make a stand to your liking that is stable enough to carry the plywood

4. Make a frame out of the PVC pipes and screw the wood on with a drill

5. Attach the frame all together to make it all stand up straight

6. Take your whole structure outside and spray paint it what ever color you like

Step 3: Making Some Fun Pulleys

1. Use a drill with a large tip and make three holes in a shape of a triangle large enough so that a PVC pipe could fit through it

2. Place a PVC pipe in each hole with excess hanging out the back to leave room for adjustment

3. Take a wider piece of PVC and attach the first eight blades

4. Then take another and attach the other eight blades to it

5. Place them one after the other on the top PVC

6. Take another two wider set PVC pieces and place them on the two other PVC's under the top one

7. On all the of the wider PVC's make circular washers out of cardboard and glue them on either end to create a pathway for your pulley

8. Attach one group of blades to one side of the bottom PVC's with an extra large rubber band

9. Do the same to the other group of blades except attach them to the other side

Step 4: ....Finishing Touches

1. On the end of the bottom pipes place an L shaped PVC to act as a handle

2. Find some kind of divider to insure your blades don't run into each other on the top stick

3. When making your holes make sure that your rubber band can stretch and spin smoothly in the given space

4. It is important that your structure is stable so it doesn't move around when cranking

5. After a certain amount of cranks readjust the rubber bands so that they don't tangle.

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