Hanging Mason Jar Gardens




Introduction: Hanging Mason Jar Gardens

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How To Create a Laser Cut Hanging Garden of Mason Jars

Materials :


Mason Jars

Planting Soil

Plants : Succulents, herbs, flowers...

Tools :

Laser Cutter

Step 1: Measure, Cut, Assemble

Step 1 : Measure, Cut Assemble

Determine how many mason jars can fit in your targeted area. Then decide how many rows you will have and how many mason jars will be in each row. Make sure to give your plants plenty of room to grow up.

Use your favorite design program to create the vector lines. I used a C locking system to hold everything together.

If you use my File (I will be uploading the .EPS file to this Instructable shortly) :

Measure how wide your Mason Jars are below the lid thread. Then in the designs file change the circle dimensions to fit your measurement.


I designed a lock fit system for each level of Mason Jar holders. You can slide all the parts together and there is no need for glue.

Step 2: Plant Mason Jars and Place in Racks

Once you have chosen your plants and potted them in the Mason Jars, you are ready to assemble your Hanging Garden of Mason Jars.

I hope you enjoyed!


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    6 years ago

    Beautiful <3

    That awesome! I love the pretty details on the sides, really brings the whole thing to another level. Thanks for sharing!