The Healing Lamp




Introduction: The Healing Lamp

The lamp is designed to be environmentally friendly with visible and touchable functions. The branch is the symbol of nature. The natural shapes give us comfortable feelings and emotions.

It is an aesthetically artistic item even the branch lights off. I design for a person who needs to decorate easily on the wall in any place. This can be so simply easy to set up. Or, anyone can make this product in one’s place looking at the instruction. The function is able to do only “on” and “off”. The branch on the left side has one position. If someone switches down the branch on the right side, then the lamp lights up. It moves easily as magnets on the back of the branch stick together connected to “+” or “-” circuits. The main point what I learn in this project is to drill the tiny holes for electric flows directly with the branch. The magnets only work for adhering to each other on the opposite surfaces and cannot be flowing electrics over the panel without the holes.

Materials Necessary:

1. A card Board

2. A clear Plastic Panel

3. Asian Traditional Paper

4. A branch

5. 6LEDs

6. Copper Tape

7. 9v Battery

8. Magnets

9. Scotch Tape

10. Conductive Thread

Step 1: Sketch Circuits on Paper for Prototype.

Step 2: Prototype.

Pick up the nice shape of branches around any places. Place a small size branch and circuits for practice on a paper. The upper line of circuits is "off" and the bottom line is "on".

Step 3: Ready to Set Up on a Card Board.

Materials Necessary: A card board, A clear plastic panel, Asian traditional paper, A branch, 6LEDs, Copper tape, 9v battery, Magnets, Scotch tape, Conductive thread.

Step 4: Draw Circuits on the Card Board.

Step 5: Build Circuits.

Make the space around 3~4cm with the pieces of the extra boards and place copper tape with magnets.

Step 6: Design and Set Up the Branch.

The branch has three magnet buttons with conductive thread for connecting. The reason why I use the thread is for concealing and making clear circuits. With the branch shape, make sure clear connections and sometimes hot glue does not work well on the brach. I spent a lot of time in this part. Lastly, cover an adhesive traditional paper on a plastic panel and the branch can set up two different angles.

Step 7: Behind Cut.

Look at the circuits with LEDs and boards from the side.

Step 8: Set Up on a Table or a Wall.

The branch can be placed on the table as an ornament item as well.

Step 9: Final Scenes.

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    Ireek RN
    Ireek RN

    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is so stylish, simple and practical! Love it!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Aww!!.... This is so cozy I have to have one.... Just what I need in my private space!... Got my vote!....