Introduction: The Hearty Breakfast Croissant Sandwich

The Hearty Breakfast Croissant Sandwich is great for having a quick to go sandwich in the mornings either on your way to work or on your way to your home office in the basement, whatever the occasion, it is an amazing sandwich to have. This is a sandwich that will make you no longer hangry in the mornings. You can also add any spins on the sandwich that you want, for example if you love to have roasted peppers in the morning you can switch it out with the avocado.


  • 4 pieces Bacon
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 croissant
  • 1 avocado

Step 1: Making the Bacon

The first step to making your breakfast sandwich is you have to make bacon. For this first step I recommend using the stove top. Although, if you want to cook more than only four pieces you can use the oven. Once your bacon becomes super crispy I recommend that you take it off because it is easier to break when you do so. Once you are done with that you will take three pieces of bacon and split them in half and put them in the middle of a horizontally cut croissant. The other piece of bacon you are saving for your egg.

Step 2: The Heart of the Sandwich (The Egg)

For this step you will be making a heart shaped egg that involves the bacon you kept from the first step. Once again I made this on the stove top although this time I also had a cookie cutter. Since the egg is going to be heart shaped I used a heart shaped cookie cutter, although if you want to you can make the egg any shape you would like. The first thing you would do is grease the pan and then once you have done that you will put your cookie cutter on the pan. After doing so you will crack the egg into the cookie cutter and to make sure that none of the egg seeps out you have to apply pressure to the cookie cutter then you will break the last piece of bacon into the egg.. Once the bottom of the egg seems strong enough that it won't just break once you put you spatula under it you can flip the egg with the cookie cutter. Once the egg is all the way cooked through then you can put the egg on the bacon.

Step 3: The Avocado

For the last and final step you will take an avocado and cut it in half You then can either make it into guacamole or just take the plain avocados and put them on top of the egg. The avocado was what I thought the best fit for a vegetable/fruit although you can always use something different like you can try and use peppers. If you prefer not to use vegetables you can also use cheese.

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