Introduction: The Hidden Box on a Drawer

Ever wanted to hide valuables in a drawer but realize that when people break in drawers are the first place people look when stealing things? Well here is your solution, this box can hide behind a drawer and stay out of sight! Only you and anyone you tell will know the box is even there.

Step 1: How Does This Work?

This box has four tiny screw holes in it, you screw 4 screws into the box and mount it on the back of a drawer. But this box is small enough to hide behind a drawer and no one can see it.

Step 2: Where Was This Built and Made?

This was made on an online program called Onshape where we designed it and created the box. Then it was put onto an STL file and put into a 3D printer where it was built.

Step 3: What Is the Box Made Out Of?

The box is made of PLS plastic which was printed from the 3D printer.

Step 4: What Can I Hide in the Box?

The biggest object the box can hide is a credit card, but anything smaller than a credit can be put in the box.

Step 5: How Big Does the Drawer Have to Be So the Box Is Hidden?

The Box is 3.5 inches long and the height is 2.25 inches. So the drawer has to be 4" inches or longer and has to be at least 3" tall to keep the box hidden and out of sight.

Step 6: What Is the Big Hole on the Center For?

The big hole on both sides acts as a stopper which can keep the drawer from getting ripped out of the cabinet revealing revealing the box. The hole is 1" around and any material can be put in as long as the material doesn't break when the drawer is opened.

Step 7: What Are the Small Holes on the Sides of the Box for and How Big Are They?

The small holes on the sides are where the screws go to hold the box onto the back of a drawer. The hole is .25" inches big and can only hold screws .25" inches big because anything smaller may make the screw not fully keep the box on and the box may move around and be heard. But anything bigger than .25" the screw wont fit and will be to big. Once you have screwed the screws in take off any pieces of the screw you can see from looking at the drawer.

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