Introduction: The KickStand

The KickStand, by A'n'S, is a simple key chain phone stand that can hold your phone horizontally. It is slim and easily fits into your pocket on your key ring.


  1. A sheet of 3 mm. Baltic birch plywood.
  2. Wood glue
  3. Clamps
  4. 100 grit sand paper
  5. Spray lacquer

Step 1:


You need the freshly LASERed 3mm. Baltic birch plywood.

As you can see there is three layers to this phone stand.

Two of which are identical and are the outside layers.

And one is the middle piece which has the key ring hole.

Step 2:


You need to make sure you are aligned correctly so that the pieces of plywood are flush with one another.

I used some wood glue that we had laying around and some clamps to hold the three pieces of wood together while the glue dried.

Step 3:


Once glued you should sand the burn marks away.

I then sprayed it with wood lacquer.

Step 4:


Design your logo!

Step 5:

Here are some of the side views of the KickStand holding up an iPhone 4.

In the DXF file you will see that you can change the width of the gap which the phone is inserted.