Introduction: The Limping Zombie Prop

Do you really want Halloween without any moving, scary props? Well, this can help you! It is easy to make, and quite cheap. Put a spark in your Halloween setup with this realistic limping zombie prop! It sways side to side when you turn it on, and I guarantee that your guests will get a fright when they see this!


- An Old Shirt

- Some Long Pants

- A Wiper Motor

- Gloves

- Hot Glue

- PVC Pipes (2 For The Legs, 3 For The Arms And Shoulders; The Size Doesn't Matter, But Not Too Small Or Big)

- PVC Fittings (I Will Show You The Size)

- Zip Ties

- Pom Poms

- A Styrofoam Ball

- Red Acrylic Paint

- A Transformer (The Power Source)

- A Drill

- A Zombie Mask

- A Small Tube

- A Pool Noodle

- A Nut And Bolt

- 2 Small Wheels


- A Cricket Stump (Without The Wickets)

Step 1: Build the Endoskeleton

First up, you need to build the skeleton of the zombie. It doesn't matter what size you have the body, if you were wondering. You need to gather what you need: PVC pipes, the pool noodle, the nut and bolt, the pom-poms, and the gloves. The shoulder width of mine is 48 cm, with 2 t-shaped PVC fittings hot glued as shown. Then, cut the PVC pipe to whatever size you want for the neck. Cut the PVC pipe to 48 cm shoulder width, as i said before, or cut to desired size. Then, again, cut the PVC pipe to whatever size of the arm you desire, then cut the arm in half, and place a 140-degree PVC fitting between the arm and the forearm. Repeat that arm again. Cut the pool noodle to whatever size your arm and forearm is and secure the pool noodle if it is too big for your arm and forearm with zip ties. Then, get the nut and bolt and another cut PVC pipe about 21 cm. Drill a hole in the middle of the PVC pipe you just cut, and fit the bolt through it and secure. (optional) to make the hands, stuff some pom-poms into a glove, then put some air into the excess space, and tie up with a zip tie, or just with a rubber band. Great! You have built the skeleton of the zombie!

Step 2: Build the Stand

All you need for this step is Hot Glue, PVC Pipes, and PVC Fittings. Yep, That Is All. All you need t do is create a 29 cm each side base for the zombie to balance on. Cut the PVC Pipe to 29 cm. Do that twice. Get 4 90 Degree PVC Fittings to put on each corner. Then get two T-Shaped PVC Fittings and put them with this: Cut 4 PVC Pipes to 12 cm and put them on the left and right side as shown in the 4th picture. Do that also on the other side. (BTW, just ignore the PVC Pipes sticking out of the stand, those are for later. Done! You have now created the stand for your Zombie man!

Step 3: Build the Body

For this step you will need: PVC Pipes (Thicker), The Small Tube, 2 Small Wheels, The Wiper Motor, The Cricket Stump, and Hot Glue. First of all, cut the thicker PVC Pipes to be legs. Have them as long as you want, there are no restrictions. Fit the legs into the T-Shaped PVC Fittings as shown in the 3rd picture. Then, fit the legs through the holes on the sides of the cricket stump as shown in the picture, then secure with Hot Glue. Then, cut and attach the thick PVC Pipes with Hot Glue to act as holsters for your Zombie Skeleton. Next, cut tiny pieces of PVC to hold the Skeleton of the Zombie in place and Hot Glue the tiny wheels on the ends of them to stop the Skeleton from going out of place as shown in picture 4. OK, now that you have done the body, time to attach the Wiper Motor! Get the small tube and Hot Glue it around about the middle of the stump as shown in picture 5. Then, drill holes on opposite sides for the zip ties to go. Get the wiper motor and wrap zip ties around it to secure it to the tube. Hot Glue the side of the Wiper Motor to the PVC Pipe on the side so it adds the effect of the Zombie lop-sided and lunging towards you. Congrats! you have done the body of your Zombie!

Step 4: Attach the Top-Half!

Now that you have done the Skeleton of your zombie, you need to attach the top. This step will not have a lot of explanation, so you need to look at the photos to see how to do it. All you need to do is just attach the PVC Pipe in the middle of the top half into the two tinny PVC Pipe slots! Done! Congrats! You have finished the Zombie!

Step 5: Add the Clothes!

The clothes are pretty self-explanatory, just paint some of it red, paint your hand red and put a "bloody" hand print on the shirt and rip it a bit, but not too much otherwise it will look unrealistic.

Step 6: Adding the Head!

Yay!!! This is the last step! all you need to do is grab your Zombie head and Styrofoam ball and drill a hole at the bottom of the Styrofoam ball big enough to fit over the neck. The photo will show you how to put it on. Then, put the mask over the Styrofoam ball, and YOU ARE DONE!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, you have completed the Zombie! Happy Halloween!!