The Margarita Drink Recipe: How to Make the Tequila-based Margarita Cocktail




Introduction: The Margarita Drink Recipe: How to Make the Tequila-based Margarita Cocktail

About: Welcome to the only Online Bartending Resource you will ever need to visit again. From Bartending Basics, Bartending Tips, Tricks and Insider Secrets to Drink Recipe Video Tutorials to Bar Tricks, Bar Jokes a… - Margaritas Rock! In this video, you'll learn the step-by-step instructions on how to make the margarita cocktail.  The margarita drink recipe is fairly straightforward.  The ingredients are:

*Triple Sec
*Lime bar mix (a.k.a. sour mix, a.k.a margarita mix) 

To rim the glass, simply rub a lime around the top of the glass and then invert into a saucer of salt.  

Note: Although margarita drink recipes don't differ too much from place to place, there are some subtle differences. Most bars use lime bar mix instead of the Lemon Juice and Rose's Lime Cordial shown in the video.  Another, arguably more traditional variation is to make it with real squeezed lime juice and a teaspoon of sugar.  You can make it however you like it or with whichever of the above ingredients you happen to have on hand.  


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hum, hum …
    I feel this is an "entrepreneurial " interpretation based on profit making !!…
    My motto is : keeps it simple, keep it as they used to do …
    Here is what I was taught to be the "real thing" (whatever that means…) when I lived in San Francisco 30 (or more) years ago and nobody ever complained about it : 1/3 Tequila, 1/3 Triple Sec, 1/3 Lemon juice (I feel lime is too tasty to give the right flavor to the drink, but this is personal taste. If you prefer lime juice, do so but, either must be freshly squeezed. You're not as lazy as not being able to squeeze half a lemon juice, are you ?…). Also don't count by weight, but by dose : cocktail wise ounces or grams are the best road to a bad measure !…
    Sugar is not in my recipes, but as BarsAndBartending says, there is more that one recipe.
    Also NEVER EVER put any crushed ice in any cocktail : this is for bar tenders who fear to loose time and money… ALWAYS SHAKE the cocktail in the good old shaker (or stir it if you're the British spy kind… however this does not apply to margaritas which must be shaken). It chills the drink instantly and thus it allows not to loose its taste when drinking : nothing more frustrating that starting with a good drink and finishing with a watery lemon juice (as far as the margarita is concerned). This method is for bartenders who want to push you for another drink (and who want to save on the ingredients) : very bad practice.
    Never forget that cocktail is to America what French cuisine is to France : you can find very sloppy interpretation of both in each country, but any proud American or French with taste knows where his / her duty is : carry the flag of real pleasure !!!…
    Yahoo !… :))


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Oh joy, margaritas and TGIF, all in the same day. What more could a gals ask for?:)))


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Finished work and tequila're right, can't ask for much more than that. Enjoy this and every weekend. Cheers!