Introduction: The Medal Holder

The medal holder is a thing you can hang up your medals/ribbons on to display them. You can use this for anything!


Supplies: 4ft of wood

33 nails

a hammer

a drill

Step 1: First Step: Preparing the Wood

Get a stick of wood, if you would like to cut down the wood you may. Also, if you like to paint the wood, you may. You then proceed to make marks on the wood where you would like to put your nails. After marking your wood you will have to get a drill and make 2 holes in the back of the wood to hang up on your wall.

Step 2: Second Step: Nailing in Nails

After your done preparing your wood, you will get your 33 nails and your hammer. Take 31 nails from the pile and leave 2 of them out. Nail each one of the nails into your wood on the mark.

Step 3: Last Step: Hanging It Up on Your Wall

Now measure where you will be putting the wood on your wall. Make sure you are measuring the 2 holes on the back of the wood. Mark where the correct spot is of the holes on your wood, proceed to mark it on the wall. Take your 2 remaining nails and hammer it into the wall. Hang up your medal holder on your wall.