Introduction: The Memory Bracelet - Paracord Flash Drive Bracelet.

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This is the paracord memory bracelet. I recommend using a gorilla Flash drive for this project so its waterproof and heat resistant but its up to you.

Step 1: Pieces

What you will need:
-a knife or scissors
-a buckle
-a Flash drive
Not included in the photos
-a lighter

Step 2: Burn the Paracord.

Use a lighter to burn the edges of the Paracord it makes for a more solid end and makes your job easier. let it cool for a moment. Be careful it can burn you.

Step 3: Weave the Knot

Put your buckle ends at the desired area this will be how long the bracelet will be so make sure it fits on your list or your loved ones there will be some slack after one side of the buckle that's okay. After you add the buckles you need start the cobra stitch. You need to put the end of one side under the cord in-between your buckles

Step 4: Almost Done

Now you have to cut off the access paracord. Once you have done that you once again burn the edges of the paracord. Clip the bracelet together and you are done

Step 5: Done!

You can now wrap up the bracelet or put it on and use it yourself!

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