Introduction: The Mighty Mjölnir

Bullies beware! With Mjölnir in your possession,you will be unstoppable. Do it in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Materials

you need a toilet paper roll,duct tape,brown ribbon,hot glue,Kleenex box,excto knife,and Scissors.

Step 2: Make the Handle

cut enough ribbon to wrap around your handle. Then wrap it around your handle,gluing certain spots as you go. Let dry.

Step 3: Hammer Time!

Cover your Kleenex box with duct tape. Be sure to cover everything. If it shows through,give it a second layer.

Step 4: Time to Connect

hot glue the handle to the top where the opening is. That way you have a flat surface on the top when you hold it in your hand like an actual hammer.

Step 5: Lightning Anchor

using the exacto knife,cut out a circle with a 2"diameter. Then duct tape it to the top. Cover it all!