Introduction: The Mirror Home Puzzle

First question why this is called the mirror home? The two sides of this home look the same but both sides have a different solution

The coolest thing about puzzle sometimes the simplest looking puzzle is the most difficult to solve. This 5 piece puzzle may sound easy but don't let the look deceive you.

The aim of this puzzle is to get stuff from the inside without forcing and applying any pressure.

This mirror home created in this way you can keep it as a showpiece or you can gift to someone with a secret message or things inside the box but in a more fun way or just simply keep in your room with a secret thing hidden inside the mirror home box.


  • MDF board sheet
  • Glue
  • Cutter
  • Screw
  • Scissor
  • Toothpicks
  • Making Wall Putty
    1. Wall Putty
    2. Water
    3. Oil- only 1tbsp (This gives nice texture)
    4. Brown Acrylic Colour

Step 1: The Basic Structure

I bought the MDF board from a local shop, the thick board was not available so I double it and stick it with glue and this gave good strength to it plus the thickness is perfectly good because when I applied wall putty this compensate thinness of my board


  • I already have shown the measurements in the picture for making a home.
  • Be careful with the measurement on the front and back face of the home. Both the measurements vary.
  • The roof or triangle shape of the front and back face makes a 45-degree angle.
  • The width of the side and roof of the home can vary depending on how much space you want inside the home.

Important note

The entire puzzle depends on the sidewall and floor thickness of the front and back face of the home.

Front Face with the screw: Left wall thickness- 0.9 cm, Right wall thickness- 0.7cm. Floor thickness 1.5cm

Back Face: Left wall thickness- 1.6cm, Right wall thickness - 1.4cm, Floor thickness 0.9cm

So basically other measurements can be altered but be careful with the above measurements.


  • As shown in the picture draw the shape according to it with each side of 1.9 cm.
  • Cut it with a cutter or scissor depending on your ease. I actually cut it with a scissor.


  • This is simple when you cut the front lower space for locker space keeps that cut portion of the cardboard, punch 3 holes to pass the toothpick from the small cut cardboard.
  • Cut the small cardboard carefully from 3 sides into u shape
  • Create 6 smaller wheels.
  • Take 3 small toothpicks, 1st pass the wheels then small cardboards then again 3 small wheels with small u shape cut in it
  • Join all the wheels to the toothpicks so that when one side moves the other sides also moves.

Note: All the measurements are taken in cm

Step 2: Join the Structure


Take the sidewalls of the home and join it with the front and back face of the home with the glue

Now take the roof wall and join it with the above structure

Join the measured floor on the base of the home

Elevated part

The corner of five sides of the home is elevated. The carboards are glued to each side.

Be careful when you take the measurements for the elevated part, before sticking the carboards make sure your puzzle pieces fit inside it.

Step 3: Time to Apply the Wall Putty

Applying the wall putty has two benefits, first, this makes the surface smooth. Second, this gives strength to the structure.

For pieces

Apply wall putty to puzzle pieces first because when you apply putty this may alter thickness so you need to change the structure of your home acc. to it.

Apply thick wall putty with the help of a putty funner or knife.

For home

Apply wall putty to the joined home as shown in the picture.

I applied thick wall putty to puzzle pieces and dilute the wall putty for the home.

Also apply wall putty to the locker.

Step 4: Coloring and Final Look

Paint the brown watercolor on the elevated part so that it highlights the home


Draw the small three symbols as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Solution of the Mirror Home Puzzle

  1. Solve the puzzle on the front sides.
  2. Solve the puzzle on the backsides.
  3. The right sides of the screw are loose you can unscrew with your hands. Unscrew it.
  4. There is a small locker with a small symbol on it.
  5. If you notice carefully the small symbols match with the puzzle pieces.
  6. Choose carefully puzzle pieces and their orientations from the front and back face of the home. Now there are two pieces for each puzzle, how to decide which one to choose? This is simple if you watch carefully the symbols on the locker, their orientation is chosen purposefully, and usually, wheels are turned clockwise this gives another hint to choose the right puzzle piece orientation to move the wheel according to it.
  7. Apply those codes on the locker this unlocked the puzzle.
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