The More Powerful Arduino-UNO,Massduino-UNO

Introduction: The More Powerful Arduino-UNO,Massduino-UNO

  • What's Massduino?

Massduino is a new product line, which combines the Arduino platform peripheral -rich, convenient and quick development, low-cost and easy to manufacture large-scale production advantages. Almost all of the Arduino code can be applied to MassDuino without modification (or very small modification), users do not need to learn any new knowledge, you can immediately begin using MassDuino to commercial product development.

MassDuino use a special custom MCU MD-8088 and MD-328D, those chips has a very unique and new design, ensuring high operating efficiency while providing a low cost of applications. INHAOS upcoming a series of application modules which is based MassDuino. The application modules can be developed in the Arduino

environment, and then direct used to commercial products, creative implementation and production time reduced to a minimum.

eBay store address:

  • MassDuino Development Process

This chapter describe how to development a product with MassDuino, We assume that you have some basic knowledge of electronic technology, and familiar with the Arduino development environment.

S1, Understand what is MassDuino, the MassDuino series products are highly compatible with standard Arduino UNO R3, So you can use MassDuino like the Arduino UNO R3.

S2, Download MassDuino HSP (Ardunio 3rd-party Hardware Support Package for MassDuino) from , At present the latest version of the HSP is V3.0, this version support chips is as follows:

MD-8088: 8KB Flash , 1KB SRAM, 10bit ADC

MD-328D: 32KB Flash , 2KB SRAM, 10/12/16 bit ADC

MD-328D is highest compatible with the ATmgea328P, we recommended to use MD-328D, in most case the Arduino UNO sketch can be used for MD-328P without any modification.

S3, Get one UNO development board , write sketch , run and debug . Currently we have below products:

MD-8088: MassDuino UNO R4

MD-328D: MassDuino UNO LC , MassDuino UNO LC Lite

S4, After prototype verified, do the mass production design, we provided below services: 1, We can help you do the whole product design and fabrication 2, Or you can do the design , we will help you make the prototype / pilot run / and mass production 3, Or you can buy chip from us , we can pre-programmed the chip or leave blank chip to you , with very good price

Need above service , please contact:

Step 1: The Introduction of Massduino

There are three kinds of different styles of Massduino, they each have each characteristic, Can better combine with your design,the appearance of the Massduino - LC series has more personal, they can make your design more attractive. Massduino-UNO-CORE has a mini design, and convenient connection mode can adapt to more occasions.

Next, we will l also launch MASSDUINO-UNO-CORE with wireless communication ability.

Step 2: Feature

there are the features about the Massduino, help it can help you. The Massduino MD-328D support 3 kinds of analogRead mode, they are 10bits, 12bits and 16bits.

Step 3: Demo

Now we do a demo to show how to use Massduino.

First, enter .

and I put the Datasheets there, So that you can have a reference.

Step 4: Download the Package

Click download button, and find the package witch named "Arduino - MassDuino_Support_Package V31".

Step 5: Unzip the Package

Two PDF introduced Massduino detailed parameters and methods of use, Two folders are used to load the relevant documents of massduino.Then we look at our version of the Arduino ide, If your ide version is 1.5.0 to 1.6.5 , You can load the above folder, If your ide version greater than 1.6.6, You can load the following folder.

Step 6: Create the Environment

Copy all the files inside, next open "Mydocument", find the folder Arduino. Delete the original files inside, stick the files into it, then, open the Arduino IDE, check the board,and you will find the Massduino board are here, now, choose the board and you can use Massduino now. and If your ide version greater than 1.6.6, do the same.

Step 7: First Use of Massduino

Than we download a blink program and see if it is working or not?

Of course, it is working.

so if you are interested in Massduino or MD-328D, Contact us:

INHAOS Headquarter::

1111 Oakmont Drive #C, San Jose, CA 95117


INHAOS China office:

No.6 Building,Songke Estate,Songshan Lake National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,Dongguan,Guangdong Province,523808,China

Step 8: Here Is the Video

Step 9:

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    3 years ago

    #include <pwmFuncs.h>
    uint16_t dutyMax = 0xff;
    void setup() {
    // put your setup code here, to run once:
    // usage: pwmMode(pin, pwm_mode, freq_mode)
    // Note: PWM of D3/D11 is controlled by timer2, which is used for system tick (delay)
    // - so it's not allowed to change its frequency, we can only get its default settings.
    // - pwmMode() settings will do nothing for D3/D11's frequency,
    // - the more, timer2 do not support complementary mode, so only PWM_MODE_SOLO is supported.
    // PWM_MODE_SOLO: d3/d11 working in independed mode
    // In one word:
    // pwm of D3/D11 frequency is fixed to 970KHz (as stardard arduino)
    // only duty ratio can be modified, between 0 ~ 255
    pwmMode(D3, PWM_MODE_DUO1, PWM_FREQ_FAST, 0);
    // usage: pwmWrite(pin, duty)
    pwmWrite(D3, dutyMax >> 2);
    pwmWrite(D11, dutyMax >> 3);
    void loop() {
    // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

    The missing arduino-preprocessor pattern

    Compilation error for MD328D-LQFP32.

    time resolve please


    6 years ago

    Did somebody bought this one ? it looks cheap on ebay but it looks too much pretty to be true.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I don't see your fuss, You can find a mini on aliexpress that will cost about 1.60$US that will be breadboard compatible, these product are kinda common these days.


    Question 4 years ago on Introduction

    I installed MassDuino_Support_Package_V36\For Arduino-1.6.6-Later
    After some tests something went wrong and I could not load projects to my Massduino board.

    How can I reload a bootloader to MASSDUINO LC MD-328D R3 with ARDUINO IDE or some other stand alone ISP programmer?
    During loading BOOTLOADER with ARDUINO IDE it gaves the error message: "... missed 'bootloader.tool' configuration"...

    Thank You.


    6 years ago

    I have one (ten of them), it is pretty good. I did notice locking up but can't confirm that. It will run 16MHz even with 3.3v, also works on 5v too. It is faster than Arduino but by as much as 30% to a good 66% faster. I will continue testing it out to find out how useful it is.

    I have 10 x MD-328D: MassDuino UNO LC


    1 x Massduino UNO Core MD-328D Mini Module