Introduction: The New Competitors

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It's been a while since I posted last time, but I finally found some time. College final week is currently happening right now but one more day and it's time for a month of free time! More time to work and build more stuff. These guns here (excluding the regular competitor) are my new guns and their names are Competitor jr. ,Competitor Rival, and Model R.  Now the stats on each of them.

Competitor jr.
Smaller version of Competitor
Shoots about as far as the bigger model 25ft
removable mag
clean and good looking ( I think so)
easy to use, just like the original
Trigger will rarely get stuck
different mags than the original Competitor
doesen't quite push the last projectile in the mag high enough

Competitor Rival
Bigger longer version of Competitor
changed the handle for less of an angle [note: recently changed green gears on bottom of handle to red ones]
range of 25-30 ft depending on how the ammo flys
removable mag.
new clip mech allow mags to be attached by holding back a red gear and sliding them in
can install loaded mag with one hand
shoots blue rods
Didn't change the detail or the trigger mech of the original
A little bit heavy for a hand gun
A little odd looking
Handle is a little flimsy, but sturdy enough to survive violently shaking the gun.
Didn't accomplish as much benefits as I had hoped....

Model R
A more realistic version of Competitor jr.
Looks awesome.
Trigger guard
Easy to use trigger
Handle folds down towards front of the gun to allow loading
Handle is the mag
mag has not held more than two gray connectors successfully very often
range of 10ft. or more, hasn't shot enough to really tell.
average range of several inches as the gray connector ricochets off the trigger mech, onto you finger, and falls to the floor.
Needs some more work but, wanting suggestions on the trigger which took a week to build

Please add comments on which gun you would like an instructable for if any. If you have suggestions for improving Model R or anything else please post a comment as well.

Thanks for taking a look! JonnyBGood