Introduction: The No Budget Haircut

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It's 8am and your cellphone rings, Prince Charming is asking you out for breakfast. It's going to be your first date, you need to look amazing, this day could change your life forever.

You already have the perfect outfit, but your appointment with the hair stylist is this afternoon.

Luckily you are a very creative person, reading all those tutorials at instructables have helped you become even more creative so you have the greatest idea ever.

Using only what you have on your house you'll cut your own hair in less than 15 minutes.

Step 1: ​Gather Your Materials

A large sealing clip. Yes, those that you use to close the bags of food (chips, oats, pasta...)



Step 2: ​ Take a Shower

Cutting wet hair is easier, so take a shower and brush your hair. Make sure there aren't any tangles.

Step 3: Divide You Hair, Cut

You've seen your hair stylist many times how she cuts your hair, so just follow the same steps. Clip the clamp to the tips to make easier cutting it by yourself.

Generally speaking, they take a small section, brush it, and hold it at the point where they'll cut. Just use the sealing clip to hold the hair.

I'll show you how to achieve long layers, but any haircut for medium-long hair, can be easily done when you use these sealing clamps.

In front of the mirror take a small section of hair at the top. Elevate the hair pointing to the ceiling. Determine the desired length of the smallest layer. Place the clip on that length, keeping it parallel to the floor.

Cut the hair.

Step 4:

Now divide the rest of the hair in small vertical sections. Determine the length of the longest layer and connect with the clip the longest layer and the smallest layer taking as reference the first section you cut.

See the last drawing for reference, in other words, the clamp at one edge should be at the longest layer (or desired lenght) and the other tip should be at the smallest layer we cut last step.

Make sure the hair is evenly distributed in the clip.

Cut right below the clip and move to the next section.

Repeat with as many sections as needed, I did six vertical sections, all around my head.

Step 5: You´re Ready

That´s it, you´re ready, you saved time and money.

Since I came up with this method, I haven´t gone with a hairstylist (that was 3 years ago). I´ve saved thousands of dollars, and I get the exact lenght I want every time. Why do hairstylists tend to cut the hair way shorter than the clients want? So annoying.

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