Home production play

Step 1: Designs of Back Drops and Sceneries for Each Scene

All sceneries and props were painted. Materials were boxes and tissue paper and house hold items ex: old sheets ,string toothpicks.
Fire was made with felt sheets cut out and glued.
Table was drawn and coloured with pastels. Props on table are made of construction paper and coloured with pastels and glued. Flower pot is made of construction paper and toothpicks to hold flowers up.
Flowers for forest scene was dollar store bunches of flowers ,stands are made with styrofoam balls cut in have with glued take grass.

Step 2:

Step 3: Costumes

All costumes were sewn and crocheted. Used some leftover materials from other projects.
Old tshirts leftover wool etc...

Step 4: Story Line

This story is a take on little red riding.
My granddaughter has rewritten the story for our own play.
It is called.
It includes 3 sibling wolf's D wolf, Z wolf and J wolf, also going to visit their Grandmother, but one of them loves his sweets (cakes and cookies).
They meet Red in the forest picking flowers.
Z wolf hides and listens to them talking about Red bringing her Grandmother cakes and cookies, so he hurrys to Red's Grandmother's so he could eat all of the goodies.
His siblings find him with Red and make him say he's sorry for trying to steal all the cakes and cookies for himself.
Red decides to share her goodies with them and her Grandmother,and Z wolf says he would never steal again.

Step 5: Finished Production

We will be posting the production on you tube soon.

My grand children are 4yrs, 7yrs and 9yrs old.

This was a very big undertaking and we did not realize how much work it would be but it was all worth it.
All have participated in the making of backdrops and props.
The storyline was rewritten by my 9yr old granddaughter.

Step 6: Cookies and Cupcakes

The cake,cupcakes and cookies will be made by my granddaughter and myself.
This picture is the first experiment of decorating the cake for the show.
We are sharing with the audience at the end of the play when Red decides to share with Z wolf.

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Well done, it's so nice to see kids still doing these kinds of things! : )


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you very much. My daughter and I try to do alot of crafts with her children.
    they are home schooled so I tend to do the arts and crafts with them.
    This was a big undertaking but the kids are having so much fun.
    we started with puppet shows were we made our own paper puppets and then graduated to this.
    they are already talking about starting another one.
    phew need a rest first.
    if we do put another one we will post it.


    1 year ago

    Really cute idea! Love the costumes and backdrops :)