Introduction: The Origami Sphere Lamp

This origami sphere is made of recyclable milk cartons. The

used milk cartons are cut into strips to form triangles by folding them, and by connecting those triangles hexagons and pentagons are made.

By joining the hexagons and pentagons we can build this sphere lamp.

Step 1: Making the Basic Unit- Strips

Unfold the cleaned and dried cartons as shown in the picture.

Cut the cartons into strips of width 2cm

Step 2: Forming Triangles

Fold the strip in such a way that it forms 6 creases of 2 cm width.

Then fold the strips to form the triangle as shown.

Step 3: Forming Hexagons and Pentagons

We can join two triangles with the help of another strip and a paperclip as shown.

Likewise by joining 5 triangles we can make pentagon and with the help of 6 we can form Hexagon

Step 4: Forming the Hemispheres With the Help of Hexagons

First join five hexagons as shown.

Then start connecting hexagons adjacent to the 5 hexagons until you obtain the shape as shown in second and third pics.

In the Star like gaps we should connect pentagons to fill with.

Then by joining the U like valleys we can get a hemisphere as shown in the pic.

We need to build 2 hemisphere to complete the doom

Step 5: Forming the Sphere

Now remove the first five hexagons in any one of the hemisphere, so that we can get space for our hand to connect the two hemispheres.

After connecting the two hemisphere, we can insert a bulb inside the sphere via the space available and then we should connect back the five hexagons in their old place to get the whole sphere ready.

Now we can hang it on the ceiling to have a spectacular pattern all over the room.

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