The Overwhelmingly Awesome Retro Emulator

Introduction: The Overwhelmingly Awesome Retro Emulator

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Hello! I wanted to share a project I have been working on, my goal was to create a really awesome, retro emulation system that uses the raspberry pi. Now before I set this up, I would just have my pi hooked up to my tv via hdmi and plug in a controller, I decided that it wasn't retro enough.

Step 1: The Pi

First, download a copy of RetroPi from their website:

Then, load it on to an SD card and plug your pi into your router. Now, once you have your operating system up and running you should see a screen telling you to assign controller buttons. Go ahead and plug in your preferred controller (I am using a cheap Logitech controller, but any xinput device should work) and assign the buttons.

Now you should see emulation station's start page, exit emulation station and type ifconfig in the console. You should see your Pi's IP address, write it down and boot up your computer. Install some sort of ftp client and login using that IP address. Next download some roms and put them in the corresponding folders.

Now you are ready to play on your Pi, but these next steps will make the experience way better.

Step 2: The Enclosure

So, I thought that my cheap Raspberry Pi clear case was kinda boring, so I made an awesome SNES inspired case out of Legos. Turns out LEDs fit perfectly inside the holes on the Lego Technic bricks and so I installed a power led hooked up to the 3v GPIO pin with a 100 ohm resistor.

Step 3: Finishing Up

To top it all off, I hooked it up to an old CRT tv that has the worst speakers ever, if you do decide to try this with your Pi, note that you must edit a config file to switch it from HDMI to Analog video output. Same goes for the sound.

If you want, you can hook up a keyboard and mouse and play quake on it too!

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