How to Cook the Perfect Poached Egg

Introduction: How to Cook the Perfect Poached Egg

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How to cook the perfect poached eggs each time! You can eat them on their own, on top of a salad, on a sandwich, or as the classic Eggs Benedict! It's Up to you!

Watch the How to video Here! :

Step 1: Bring Water to Poaching Temperature (160F-!80F)

Step 2: Stir the Water

Step 3: Gently Place the Cracked Egg in the Center of the Water

Step 4: Let the Egg Cook for 2 Minutes for a Soft Yolk and 4 Minutes for a Hard Yolk

Step 5: Remove the Egg From the Water and Place on a Landing Vessel.

Step 6: Season and Enjoy!

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    I never had an egg that way before. I didn't know that was even an option. So that is what poached means. After all these years...