Introduction: The Pink/Yellow Highlighter Change

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This is my first instructable , and i know it is pretty lame, but this is for all those out there who need an orange highlighter.

Step 1: Cheap Stuff

Firrst you need a REALLY CHEAP yellow/pink highlighter. One that the back can come off of.

Step 2: The Starting Line

Then you take the back off of the yellow highlighter. There should be a little tube that is a little squishy. Take the tube out. Dont squeeze it yet.

Step 3: The Action

Take the yellow tube, and squeeze 2-3 drops on the pink highlighter. get a tissue. It will start dripping. (If the pink highlighter isnt dripping, then put another drop on it until it starts to drip)

Step 4: The Happy and Orangey Ending

Keep drawing with the pink highlighter. Then, you will see it give off orange streaks. Congratulations! You just made an orange highlighter!!!!