Introduction: The Pocket Sized Lego Sets

These are the best pocket sized things you will ever find. You should take a second to look around and then VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!

Step 1: Pieces

Get all the Pieces in the picture.This is for the front of the Car.

Step 2: The Base

First get 1 gray (4 by 1) and 2 gray (2 by 6).

Step 3: 1 by 6 Blue

Second add 2 blue (1 by 6) to the (2 by 6).

Step 4: 1 by 1 Blue

Third add 2 blue (1 by 1) to the end of the (6 by 1).

Step 5: 4 by 1 Blue

Fourth add a blue (4 by 1) to the front.

Step 6: Tinted Windshield

Fifth add a tinted wind shield to the front. Also add a white piece to the bottom middle.

Step 7: The Hookup

Sixth add a gray hookup to the white piece.

Step 8: Shiny Blue

Seventh add a blue shiny piece on top of the hookup.

Step 9: 2nd Tinted Windshield

Eighth add a second tinted windshield on the back.

Step 10: 1 by 2 Blue

Ninth add 2 blue (1 by 2) between the 2 wind shields.

Step 11: 2 by 4 Flat Blue

Tenth add a blue (2 by 4) on top of the 2 (1 by 2).

Step 12: Hood

Eleventh add a blue hood too it.

Step 13: 2 by 4 Blue Flat

Twelfth add a blue (2 by 4) on the back.

Step 14: Wheels

Thirteen get the 2 wheels.

Step 15: Put Together

Fourteen stick the wheels together.

Step 16: Car Wheels

Fifteen flip over the car and add 2 wheels to the bottom.

Step 17: Finished Car

Sixteen then flip it over and its DONE!!!!!


Seventeenth get 1 gray (4 by 4) and another gray (2 by 4) and put them beside each other.

Step 19: 1 by 1 White

Eighteenth put 2 white (1 by 1) on the top of the (2 by 4).

Step 20: Windshield

Nineteenth put a non-tinted windshield on the front.

Step 21: 1 by 1 Clear

Twentyith put 2 (1 by 1) clears behind the white 2 (1 by 1).

Step 22: 1 by 2 Clear

Twentyone put 2 white (1 by 2) behind the clear (1 by 1).

Step 23: 1 by 2 White

Twenty-two put a white (1 by 2) on the bottom.

Step 24: 1 by 4 White

Twenty-three put a white (1 by 4) on top of the (1 by 2).

Step 25: 1 by 2 White

Twenty-four put 2 white (1 by 2) behind the windshield.

Step 26: 1 by 2 White

Twent-five put 2 white (1 by 1) in the gaps.

Step 27: 2 by 4 White Flat

Twenty-six put 2 white (2 by 4) boards behind the windshield.

Step 28: Curved White

Twenty-seven get 2 white curving white pieces and put them on the windshield.

Step 29: 1 by 3 White

Twenty-eight get 2 white (1 by 3) behind the white curved pieces.

Step 30: Bottom

Twenty-nine flip it over.

Step 31: Wheel

Thirty get one thing of wheels.

Step 32: Wheel On

Thirty-one center the wheels on the bottom of the camper.

Step 33: 2 by 2 Gray

Thirty-two put a gray (2 by 2) behind the wheels.

Step 34: Pieces

Thirty-three get the 3 pieces in the photo.

Step 35: Two Thirds Done

Thirty-four get the gray piece and put it on the white piece.

Step 36: Hookup

Thirty-five put the white piece on the white piece.

Step 37: Congrats You Finshed

Thirty-six you just finished the camper.

Step 38: The Checkers Set

Thirty-Seven get the pieces listed in the photo.

Step 39: First Row

Thirty-eight follow the pattern red black red black.

Step 40: Second Row

Thirty-nine start with black and then red.

Step 41: Third Row

Forty start with red and then go to black continue on the pattern.

Step 42: Fourth Row

Forty-one do the fourth row.

Step 43: Fifth Row

Forty-two do the fifth row.

Step 44: Sixth Row

Forty-three do the sixth row.

Step 45: Green Side

Forty-four put 3 (1 by 1) greens on the top 3 blacks.

Step 46: Green Finshed

Forty-five put three (1 by 1) greens on the second to top blacks.

Step 47: Blue Side

Forty-six get 3 (1 by 1) blues and put them on the bottom black.

Step 48: Blue Side Finshed

Forty-seven put 3 more (1 by 1) blues in front of the other blues but still on the blacks.

Step 49: Play Checkers

Forty-eight play the game congrats you’re done.

Step 50: The Tic Tac Toe Game

Forty-nine get the pieces listed above.

Step 51: White Flower

Fifty get a white flower and put it on the top, middle of the (3 by 3) gray board.

Step 52: Whites Done

Fifty-one put 3 more white flowers on the gray board.

Step 53: Black Square

Fifty-two put a black (1 by 1) on the top left space.

Step 54: Black Done

Fifty-three fill in the reaming spaces with black (1 by 1).

Step 55: Play Tic Tac Toe

Fifty-four play the game. Awesome you just finished the Tic Tac Toe game.

Step 56: White

Fifty-five clean it up. Start by putting a white piece on the top left.

Step 57: White Done

Fifty-six fill up that row and the next room.

Step 58: Gray

Fifty-seven place a gray piece on the bottom left.

Step 59: Gray Done

Fifty-eight fill up the reaming gaps with gray pieces.

Step 60: Done

Finally you have finished all the pocket sized things.

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