The Prank a Thon

Introduction: The Prank a Thon

It's time for a PRANKER'S Guide!
These are fun!
And I am not responsible for any injuries (Someone taking you to the doctor for no reason).

Step 1: Fake Scratch

Start by adding a base of glue stick to the skin you're working on. Let dry. It should no longer be sticky. Prepare a dried blood red nail polish. Paint the wound with nail polish. Don't make the lines perfectly straight, they will look fake if you do. Let dry. Take a black eyeliner pencil and lightly trace the outside of the nail polish. Lightly coat with your darkest eye-shadow. Then lightly coat with blush. If the nail polish messes up, cover with foundation and continue. Enjoy!

Step 2: Real Red Rash

Ouch! Take a few different shades of red colored pencils, a magenta colored pencil, and a brown colored pencil. Scribble a red pencil really hard and fast on a thin, boney, hand. Any other type won't work. It might hurt, but repeat with all the pencils. the more reds you use the better The "rash" will appear.

Step 3: I Lost My Finger!

Get a small box, a napkin, and ketchup. Cut the front off the box so it is open add a hole in the middle for your finger put another hole in the middle of the napkin. Put the napkin in the box and push your finger through the bottom of the box, so the end of the finger lies in the box, on the napkin. Add ketchup, a worried look on your face and go go go!

Step 4: Other Ideas

Tape a toy roach on the wall.
Tape the spray nozzle on the sink to spray the next user.
Put yellow food coloring in the toilet.
String the victim's clothes together.
Put their bag of cereal in someone else's cereal box.
TP their room the night before.
Put clear tape on the wall and draw on the tape.
Put a letter in their mailbox that says to act silly all day to gain money. Then go visit them.
"Cook" precooked hotdogs so their cold.

Thanks and if you enjoyed please vote.

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