The RPS Lamp for $12 (Canadian!) and 20mins Time

Introduction: The RPS Lamp for $12 (Canadian!) and 20mins Time

The R oasting P an S oftbox Lamp

With special thanks to a few inspiring instructables from as many countries, I set out to build steady-burn lamps that would be cheap and lightweight, but give off a good volume of light at a nice colour temperature. This instructable takes you through the steps to build one. I made three, an ideal number for basic lighting setups. The photos for this instructable were lit using only light from two of these lamps.

Enjoy this quick build!

1 x Aluminum roasting tray. $2
1 x Roll of parchment paper (commonly used for baking) $2
1 x Roll of duct tape, any colour. (found)
1 x Boxcutter (found)
1 x 13w CFL bulb (what's a CFL? It's one of those coiled, energy-saving bulbs!) $2
1 x HEMMA lamp cord, from Ikea. $6
4 x Clothespins (found - this variety is available in the same dollar store as the rest of the materials)
1 x Cutting board (found)

These lamps can be clamped or hung to standard light stands, or even a few camera tripods. Get creative.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Perhaps you could angle the bulb holder 90 degrees and have the bulb sit sideways so it's in the middle of the pan. This would also allow you to not cut a hole in the bottom but just run the cable in from the side. Duct tape should still hold the bulb and holder in place, as long as you use enough!