Introduction: The Rust Bucket

The Idea is to make a planter out of a recycle the gasoline barrel and some rotten wood that you can find anywhere. It’s simple to make and also looks retro style.

The Bucket dimension: length 32 X width 32 X height 30 centimeters

Total dimension height with leg 40 centimeters

Supplies that you need to do the “Rust Bucket” project.

1. Old gasoline barrel. (any brand)

2. Old wood.

3. Nut, screw, and washer.

4. Wood glue.

5. Gas welding. (or other way to connect metal)

6. Grinder with metal cutting blade.

7. Coconut oil. (cold pressed)

Step 1: Cut the Metal and Flatten

At first you need to cut the logo into a rectangle of a gasoline barrel. (I’m using PENNZOIL) You can use any brand. Next thing you need to do is to flatten the metal and straight them out by placing a piece of wood on the metal and hitting with hammer.

Step 2: Make a Square

Now fold the metal at right angle at 32 centimeters and make into a square. It also depend on the logo of the brand when you cut it. If it’s not long enough, you need to weld to make it longer. (or rectangle or any shape that you want)

Note: The welding should be in the inside, so you not see the welding.

Step 3: Drill Bottom Wood Base

Cut the piece of wood to size 32 X 32 X thickness 2.5 centimeters to make the bottom of the bucket. Place the wood at the bottom and drill the hole on the outside and place the washer and screw it in to the wood base.

Step 4: Attach the Legs

Cut the rotten wood (or any wood) for the leg the dimensions are 4 X4 X Length 10 centimeters. After that you need to drill the holes from the bottom base all 4 corners and apply wood glue to the leg at the bottom base then screw it in place.

Step 5: Coconut Oil Finishing

Apply the coconut oil (cold pressed) to all legs and the wood bottom base.

Then you can put the plant with the planter inside.

Special Thanks to; Mr. Noom

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