Introduction: The Scorcher Mk2 CAMP Instructions

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Ok I gave in to the pressure and made some instructions!

Some parts you want to have handy
Black y clips (the gun uses a lot
Rubber bands
Firing pin
A few cut rods
Orange white and yellow connectors
White black/green and blue rods

Things to note

Every cut blue rod can be replaced with a whole blue rod (the ones in the body can only be whole rods if you don't add the seventh layer)

Now let's begin

And if your wondering why it looks SOO "blue mullet like" with the mech is because I learned ALOT from building his sig 552 (check it out and check out my review of it too)

Step 1: Seventh Layers (not Needed)

Note the broken connectors on one layer

Step 2: Inner Layer (5th Layer)

This part is needed (pay close attention to the white rod placement

Make x2

Step 3: Handle and Hand Guard

Yes the grey connectors must be with it

The blue rods on the handle can be white rods if not adding the seventh layer

Step 4: Inner Frame

Ok so set out your 5th layer (one of them) and prepare to get working

Note replace all cut rods with blue rods of not adding 7th layer

Feel free to add 7th layer on now

Step 5: Stock

Note the two cut blue rods can be replaced with un altered blue rods

Make all of what you see
If there is one in the pic make one if there is two or more make two or more

When connecting the halves of the stock use a blue rod instead of the white one shown

Step 6: Connecting the Stock

The white rod on the top halve of the stock should attach to the black y clip and the swivels should connect as shown

Step 7: The Magazine

You will need 2 cut rods....some sacrifices have to be made

Step 8: Rear Sight

Looks cool don't it??

Step 9: Banding the Pin

It's not that hard (I'm using only a few bands for the demonstration as not to confuse some people)