Introduction: The Simplest Bedside Table

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i still had some stuff left of the robust pallet table project. and my brother is moving so he asked me to make a bedside table. but i only had one day to make it, so i decided to make it super easy. because i made it so simple it reminded me of IKEA furniture. (it's pretty funny because the wood of the bottom and top shelf is from Sweden). the table is 40 by 20 by 50 or 15.7 by 7.8 by 19.6 inches. this is really a table for beginners. and its made in about 3 hours. and it doesn't have to be a bedside table, it can also be a small storage shelf or maybe even a small workbench for children.

for this project you need:

-two 20 by 40 by 3 cm or 7.8 by 15.7 by 1.18 inch planks. (these don't have to be this size, you can make e'm a big or small as you want)

-four 3 by 5 by 50 cm or 1.18 by 1.9 by 19.6 inch planks for the legs

-sixteen 5 cm or 2 inch long screws

-wood saw

-drill with drill bit

Step 1: The Top and Bottom Shelf

for this step you get you two 20 by 40 by 3 cm or 7.8 by 15.7 by 1.18 inch planks and your wood saw. in both the top and bottom shelf you have to make four 3 by 5 by 50 cm or 1.18 by 1.9 by 19.6 inch holes for the legs to go in. if you don't want to measure everything you can just place the leg in the corner and with a pencil mark the edges. you have to do this in every corner on both planks. i would suggest using a file to make the edges more square.

Step 2: The Legs

now you have to make the legs. for this step you need four the 3 by 5 by 50 cm or 1.18 by 1.9 by 19.6 inch planks. you also need a drill. the drill bit has to be big enough to fit the screws. you just make two holes in the bottom and halfway on the planks, so you have 4 holes in each leg. two for the top floor and two for the bottom floor. have to do this with every leg.

to make every plank leveled i make the four holes in one leg, then i used that leg as a template to drill the other holes in the other legs. you just lay your template leg on the other and drill through the already existing holes until you hit the other plank. then you take the template off a drill all the way trough the leg. you do this with all four legs.

Step 3: Assemble Time

now you have to assemble everything, for this step you have to use everything you made in the previous steps. if you look at the pictures you'll see how it all fits together. you have to put every leg in every hole in the corner of the planks you made. when i was assembling it i found it the easiest to put the legs on the top plank first because if you do this you can make sure that the legs don't stick out on the top, and you can also make sure that the table stands flat on the ground. after you screwed in all the screws on the top plank you can do the same with the bottom plank. you just shove it in from the bottom and screw it in. after you screwed everything in you have to put the table on a flat surface to make sure it isn't wobbly. if it is you can just grab a file and file until the table stand flat on the ground. now you just have to sand everything and if you want you can also give it a finish.

Step 4: You're Done!!

your done!!!

have fun with your new bedside table.

if you have any questions or suggestions just ask me in the comments :-)

thank you for reading this instructable.