The Splitter

Introduction: The Splitter

Hello and welcome!

This is one of my elements from one of my videos on my youtube account.

It's called the splitter because it looks like one ball that is dropped in is split into two. What is really happening is a ball is being released at the same time as a ball entering, making it look like magic.

Enjoy building and have fun!


Here is the video:

Step 1: The Main Frame

In this step you make the main frame.

Step 2: Exit Frame

In this step you build the frame that holds the exit.

Step 3: Pathing and Finishing Touches

This is the final step. It includes the pathing, exit and entrance, and ball splitter.

To use this element, place a ball in, wait for it to stop, then put your second ball in to activate the element!

Enjoy and thanks for building!


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