Introduction: The Squirrel Games - a Battle of Wits, Daring and Nuts

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I think the video says it all - I have a toddler, we like feeding squirrels in the park, and this was a huge level-up on that! It all started when we were walking past a skip (dumpster), with a load of building blocks from a roof conversion. This seemed a fun thing to play with, and while in the park, the whole thing kinda built and built into a game of setting various 'challenges' for the squirrels. They 'solved' everything we tested them!

It's a bit of a unconventional 'game', but if you liked it, please vote. Squirrels are surely a superior opponent in such challenges after all. Thanks =)

(All proceeds go to more silliness with kiddo!)


Scraps of wood.


Monkey Nuts.

Random Stuff like cups, twigs, cans, etc.

Step 1: Dumpster Skills

I was taught how to 'properly dumpster dive', while in Norway, by a guy from Boston called Seth. But this is 'low level' stuff, and you'll find many wood scraps like this if you see someone doing a loft conversion - the wood is good quality and often cut well (not many splinters)...

Step 2: Removing Splinters

One could go home and painstakingly plane/sand/rasp off the edges, but honestly, just rubbed the corners on the ground as shown. It does the job, and does not slow down the fun. We filled a small carrier bag with these (and went back for more!).

Step 3: Extras: Chalk

We happened to have packed some street chalk. Thsi also works well on drawing on the blocks.

Step 4: Glue: Sand

Being in a park, we had access to some sand. It served nicely as 'glue' or 'mortar' to the contruction of the squirrel assault course. Builder skills!

Step 5: The Prize: Nuts, Nuts and More Nuts

Nuts can of course be placed on top or under things - but we were amazed that they could 'sniff out' nuts hidden *inside* the sand. We used a yoghurt pot for 'casting' to make it easier.

Step 6: Squirrel Kings & Queens of the Park - We Salute You!

Truly, these animals are geniuses!

I have nothing but respect for their skills and acrobatics.

Do have a go at this - they are unbelievable fun!

Step 7: PS - the Squirrel Stick

This was a nice trick of getting kids used to squirrels coming close.

You can see it in action here....(Link)

Hope you enjoyed this. Please vote if you like it!



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