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Introduction: The Starry Night - DIY Clock Using PVC

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#This clock will also work as a night lamp and the time can also be read during dark.


4 inch PVC Pipe (20")

Dremel tools

Sanding paper 100 grit

Spray paint - black and yellow

Mini Movement Machine


b22 lamp holder

3-9watt light bulb

Step 1: Step 1 : Preparing the Pvc

Slash cut the pvc pipe using a hacksaw.

Used a 100 grit water paper to smudge the pipe to create a base texture on the pvc

used some acetone/thinner you can clean the pvc after finishing with the texture.

Colour the inner wall of the pipe with yellow acrylic spray paint

applied a printed space-holder for a small clock model and cut the area using rotary dremel tool

apply black spray from the exterior and left it to dry

Step 2: Step 2 : Engraving

Tools used to engrave -

Mini Rotary Die Grinder Kit with Flexible Shaft

With the use of a 1" resin blade attached in the flexible shaft I tried engraving the famous

Van Gogh's Starry Night.

I took some screenshots of my time-lapse (attatched).

Step 3: The Movement Machine Installation

I installed the movement machine inside the PVC space-holder and secured the machine using screws from inside.

After putting a AA battery the Movement Machine was successfully moving.

Step 4: The Lamp Extension

Initially I planned to make it a wall mounted clock, but later I changed it to a table-clock.

On a small piece of foam board I cut a circle, as of a diameter of the 4" PVC.

Using a screw I fitted a B22 lamp holder and fixed a 9watt night bulb onto the piece of foam board. And placed the PVC above it.

A small nook was made on the PVC from below to secure the wire coming out.

And the clock was ready.

Step 5: Final Product

Although it was a speedy product. It was fun making something new. I was quite happy with The Starry Night design and the lights coming out from the PVC.

#Golden acrylic spray paint was sprayed inside the PVC, thus the yellow light from inside gave a beautiful texture.

#This clock will also work as a night lamp and the time can also be read during dark.

Hope you like it!

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